The New “Go” WordPress Theme By GoDaddy

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What is it?

Drumroll, please!

“Go” is a brand-new theme by WordPress, created to go hand-in-hand with popular block editing plugin CoBlocks. The theme is innovative, Gutenberg-first, and focused on helping website designers create powerful, beautiful websites with ease. With over 7,000 active installs in just one week, this theme is already proving to be making waves in the world of WordPress.


It all started when Rich Tabor created ThemeBeans, the high-quality WordPress plugin store behind CoBlocks. CoBlocks, now an official GoDaddy companion plugin, expands on WordPress Gutenberg’s existing offerings by allowing the site designer to add a variety of useful elements to build their page, using the powerful and familiar block format.

GoDaddy recently acquired ThemeBeans, and with this partnership, the magic was born.

The Go Theme was designed by GoDaddy to integrate seamlessly with CoBlocks, since GoDaddy is now the owner of both products, and the benefit to designers is a customizable, block-oriented page builder experience like no other, within a beautiful and fully functional WordPress theme.

What does it include?

Simplicity. Go is a simple, high functioning theme useful for building clean websites with lots going on behind the scenes. Without too many theme-specific features, the Go theme really “gets out of the way”, letting the user build pages that look the way they want.

Customizable options. With a customizer allowing users to choose between different options in the site design, header, footer, social, and site settings aspects, as well as override and select their own, the Go theme certainly provides guidance to designers where necessary.

E-Commerce Integration. Since GoDaddy recently launched eCommerce hosting, they ensured their new WordPress theme can easily support this function. The Go theme integrates nicely with WooCommerce, making it an excellent choice for small business sites.

Get Started!

If you’re a designer looking to give your site a fresh new look or include some added functionality – and love using block editors to do so – Seahawk recommends giving GoDaddy’s new theme a “Go”!

Download here and unlock integrative excellence.

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