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Why Every Brand Needs A GoDaddy Pro & WordPress Expert

GoDaddy has 73 million domains under management today, making it one of the largest domain registrars in the world. Along with a domain every website needs hosting, security and SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). Purchasing these products in one place, like GoDaddy, alleviates the problem of juggling multiple accounts. That is why GoDaddy has invested heavily into tools and resources for the GoDaddy Pro program, giving developers delegate access to manage multiple websites and products with ease. This allows for a smoother experience between the developer and client, which is why every business needs a GoDaddy Pro in their corner.

Choosing a GoDaddy Pro Plus Developer

All of GoDaddy’s Pro Plus developers are listed on the Pro Connect Directory. Most of them specialize in WordPress. They are ranked based on reviews and completed projects. We recommend looking for a developer with at least four stars (preferably five) and a portfolio style that suits your needs. You will find many developers on the directory with excellent reviews, but outdated websites. Make sure you inspect each portfolio item to make sure the developer has a consistent, proven work-style. We even recommend going to lengths to ensure that their completed projects are responsive across all devices – phone, tablet, and desktop. Check out our profile here.

Getting Fair WordPress Website Design Prices

After narrowing down to a few developers on the directory, reach out and get quotes. Most WordPress pros charge in the $1,200 to $3,000 range. We know some who charge over $7,000, which is overpriced in today’s market. Every business deserves a high-quality, mobile friendly website and $1,200 will get the job done.

Some developers may ask to be paid in full, upfront, but we believe splitting the payments up on a month-month basis fuels re-engagement between the client and developer. Top Pro Plus developers will include website reports with recommendations. Some will even bundle support, updates, and tweaks into their plans which save you the hassle of paying a la carte down the road. The last thing anyone wants to do is fork up $7,000 for a website and have to pay for additional support, updates, and tweaks. Make sure you are getting fair quotes!

Getting Started With Managed WordPress Hosting

With most of the Pro Plus developers specializing in WordPress, you will be able to find someone help you tweak your existing website or launch a new one. When it comes to launch time every domain needs a hosting plan to keep the website live and up for the public.

GoDaddy’s flagship hosting product, Managed WordPress, is what we recommend because it comes pre-installed with WordPress. WordPress, the largest content management system on the market, is perfect for any business owner or personal brand looking to publish blog-form content. It is truly the ultimate content management system and extremely friendly with Google because of SEO plugin integrations. A GoDaddy Pro Plus developer will have experience with WordPress hosting and can set you up through delegate access.

Join The WordPress Fellowship By Hiring A Pro

While working with an experienced GoDaddy & WordPress Pro, you will gain insight to the latest online trends while also learning how to elevate your brand on the web. We like to think of the WordPress community as a fellowship because it’s a group of like-minded people working together towards a common goal: Growing brands on the web.

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