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How To Convert Adobe XD Design To WordPress Website?

convert xd to wordpress

XD Design is getting popular these days. The method of converting Adobe XD to WordPress is something to look out for. We have the complete guide with detailed information about converting Adobe XD to WordPress. But before that, let us begin from the beginning and understand what XD Design is. 

What does XD Design mean?

Adobe XD (often known as Adobe Experience Design) is a matrix of user experience design tools created and released by Adobe Inc. for online and mobile apps. However, one can convert Adobe XD to WordPress through simple steps below.

Adobe XD is a vector-based user interface and user experience design tool that can be used to create everything from applications for smart wristwatches to comprehensive websites. Let’s look at what it can do for developers and why it’s become a successful business tool for designers. Also, the design of XD to WordPress is easily convertible.

Custom plugins that offer new features and functions are compatible with XD. Plugins cover various topics, including design, usability, management, and visual effects. Adobe XD is a program that generates user interfaces for applications of smartphones and computers.

Adaptive resize modifies and sizes images and other elements on the templates automatically. This lets the user’s content seamlessly change for multiple screens and platforms, including cellphones and computers. Components can be used to build logos, icons, and other elements that can be reused. Now let’s look at how to convert Adobe XD to WordPress.

XD based site designs
XD-based site designs

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a widely used CMS that you can install and run on your computer, and then you’re ready to start building a new website. It enables you to enter the back-end of your site and lets you add new blogs and pages without knowing how to code.

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) made up of HTML, JavaScript, and other web design tools installed on a server. You can customize the website to meet your requirements.

How to convert XD to WordPress?

Thanks to technological advancements, converting Adobe XD to WordPress is now possible. Conversion no longer necessitates a great deal of effort and time.  You may effortlessly convert your design into HTML files linking to Elementor websites. Even if this is your first time, you should find it straightforward and easy.  

You can use various tools to complete the conversion of XD to WordPress. All you have to do now is follow the correct procedures.  You must be wondering how exactly to convert a file of Adobe XD to a WordPress post. Converting XD to WordPress is doable. This is an essential step because WordPress is a simple and powerful CMS.  It’s search engine optimized and highly customizable. 

Thus, switching from Adobe XD to WordPress theme has numerous advantages. For a great user experience, it also enables all systems to support.

How to use Elementor to convert Adobe XD to WordPress

convert XD design to WordPress using Elementor

Step 1: Get all set

The foremost step to converting XD to WordPress is as follows. Create an Adobe XD file.  Under that Adobe file, you need to choose to Save for devices or web.  To see your file beside the original, select the 2-Up option. When reducing files to lesser sizes, use PNG 24 to maintain good quality. SVG files are ideal for logos and icons.

Using the various settings supplied, change the image sizes. Save all the settings, then give your web-ready image a name and an allocation.

Make folders for your photographs to keep things sorted, then create presets. Adobe advises using Image Processor Pro for this.

Step 2: Gather all graphics, such as photos & icons.

Make a new page in Elementor and edit it.  After doing this, move to page settings, give the page a name, and make an Elementor canvas the page layout. Allow for continuous navigation.

To set fonts and colors, go to the menu icon, then select color picker. You can either use a Google font or add your own. The second step to convert your design of Adobe XD to WordPress is done. 

Step 3: Switch to the Elementor for the design.

The third stage of converting XD to a WordPress website is mentioned further. Create a single-column segment and give it a name. Put the graphic you adjusted earlier in the style setting.

Other characteristics like attachment, placement, backdrop overlay, and scrolling effects can all be tweaked. Add a widget and customize the texts and settings to meet your needs.

Step 4: Ensure responsiveness.

The fourth step while converting XD to WordPress is quite simple. Play with spacing and borders at the column and block level to improve responsive displays.

Step 5: Repeat the procedure.

All pages should be saved as templates. Use them for other pages of the website. This was the final step of the conversion of XD to WordPress.

How to build WordPress from Adobe XD to Elementor

While actively building from Adobe XD to Elementor, you must make some adjustments. Some adjustments are for convenience, some for security, and some are just best practices; they’re all optional choices.

  1. Use PNG instead of SVG: Depending on your website configuration, SVG files will need to be exported as PNG or JPEG, as most WordPress websites have the import SVG function disabled for security purposes. If you still want to use SVG, you can enable the import SVG function on Elementor(This maybe need additional steps).
  2. You may need to use a custom plugin for building custom elements: While using custom CSS and HTML is an excellent choice for performance, it may be best practice to use a specialized plugin for creating a custom element, such as vertical tabs or accordions. It will let your client easily edit the element later. Pick a specialized and up-to-date plugin for building those custom elements. This is a norm for hard-to-make responsive elements and animated elements.
  3. It may be necessary to buy an Elementor Pro license for building: Depending on the elements, you might need to use a Pro license of Elementor; features such as slider need an Elementor Pro license. For freelancers, it’s best to know beforehand to give the client an accurate quote.
  4. Avoid margin, use padding: When building out your sections, avoid using margin and use padding instead.
  5. Reduce the number of sections: Use the lowest number of sections possible; this will significantly improve the performance of the website.

Best Ways To Use Adobe XD with Elementor

It is possible to encounter some issues and features missing from Adobe XD that make building in Elementor difficult after and before starting a complete conversion of an Adobe XD design. The following are some of them:

  • In a text box, you cannot center the text vertically.
  • There is a difference between the line height of XD and that of CSS.
  • An upwards or left-growing stack isn’t possible.
  • Right-to-left text is not supported.
  • There are very few formatting options available for text. Bulleted lists cannot be created.
  • To simulate a border, you must draw lines manually to separate sides of a rectangle.
  • Shadows can’t be made inside.
  • Canvases do not have infinite artboards.
  • A messy import is a problem.
  • Keyboard shortcuts cannot be customized.

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