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How To Build A Flawless, Awe-Inspiring Jewelry WordPress Theme or Website?

How To Build A Flawless, Awe-Inspiring Jewelry WordPress Theme or Website?

Are you planning to make more money through your jewelry store? Getting your store online should be at the top of your to-do list.

Running a brick-and-mortar jewelry store could be straightforward, especially when you understand the market. But it could be a tall order to run a jewelry website without suitable designs. If you search online, you’re sure to see massive collections claim to be the best free WordPress theme for jewelry stores.

But standard themes won’t help your online jewelry store get to the next level. And many customers won’t patronize sites with ordinary or shabby web pages. Your online store should be unique, and you need fantastic jewelry websites ideas to make your digital storefront lucrative. 

Building a functional online site to sell precious items must involve features customers will find attractive. And there’s a pressing need to make shopping easy for customers with a woo commerce jewelry theme.

Why Do You Need a Custom Design Theme for Your Online Jewellery Store?

The uniqueness of the jewelling business isn’t the only reason why you need a custom online store. These are some other essential reasons to book a custom design theme for your transition to an online storefront:


Many brick-and-mortar stores usually grapple with positioning their business to attract more customers. Most of these stores cannot make sense of the internet to scale their business. A custom design website is what’s needed to solve this problem.

Businesses can easily integrate payment systems, connect with customers, and position their stores for more visits. A well-designed custom website will also make payment integrations, display of customer reviews, and other elements relatively easy. 

If you plan to expand your jewelry business, a tailored website is the best way to do it. 

Broader market reach

Having a walk-in store comes with its benefits. But if you plan to sell your jewelry pieces to a broader market, transiting to digital marketing is a must. And a custom design theme for your online store is the most intelligent way to site your business for more patronage. 

What a Theme/Website Design Team Must Provide

An experienced design team must leverage their wealth of experience to create unique websites without relying on standard themes. A seasoned team must have the skills to transform a blank canvas into a complete WordPress website without hassle. 

The site-building team you choose must also provide integration support for your website. Customer interaction, shopping, and checkout have to be seamless to guarantee client satisfaction.

Here’s a little rundown of how we serve clients with the very best when it comes to building custom websites:

Custom UI concepts

Standard UI templates don’t offer enough creative freedom to design eye-catching themes. That’s why you need a company that adopts a fundamental approach to creating websites for customers. All designs used in creating an article should be unique and must be unused throughout. 

The transparent Client approval process

A seasoned website design team doesn’t shove concepts down a client’s throat. Customers must have a major say about their website theme’s final look before rounding off designs. 

Clients can approve or disapprove designs multiple times, but your team’s advice proves vital to ensure perfection. 

PSD to WordPress conversion

Swift creation of website designs can only be achieved through Adobe Photoshop. Pages designed in Photoshop must be easy to transfer into WordPress for easier customization. 


Several paid PSD to WordPress providers might not offer added support to get your website live. But seeking a design theme that provides support for hosting your site and launching it lightens your workload. 

Must-Have Features of a Custom Jewellery Website

Your custom online jewelry store will be in a class of its own if it has these features:

Mobile-friendly, simple interface

Most visitors to your online store will gain access through mobile phones. Your custom design website must provide a simple interface for all users to maximize their shopping experience. The concept must be simple (but not standard) and accessible for all visitors to navigate. All your main product offerings should be on your homepage, either in drop-down or internal link format.

More visitors will become loyal customers when your website is simple, offers an elegant design, and remains straightforward.

Comprehensive product description tabs

Walk-in jewelry stores usually have front-desk staff potential buyers can talk to about your precious pieces. Most customers will want to know essential details about items you have on sale before opting to buy. 

Most physical stores can provide customers with the following info:

  • General information about the item (price, designs, number of items per order, etc.)
  • Amount of gold in the piece
  • Gems used
  • Overall value
  • Rate, etc. 

Customers at online jewelry stores could become hesitant if they don’t get ample info on items you have on sale. Even if customers don’t touch or see these items, you must provide enough descriptions on your online store. 

Showcase as much information as possible and ensure to display standards your jewelry pieces meet. That way, customers can be confident enough to add items to their cart and checkout without issues. 

Easy checkout

Any online jewelry store without proper provisions for checkout will experience massive cart abandonment. You don’t want potential customers visiting your store and have to grapple with paying for products. Your store must offer the following to guarantee swift checkout support for customers:

  • Woocommerce integration
  • Support for payments through major credit cards
  • Full support for PayPal, ApplePay, and other secure payment solutions
  • Swift cart organization and checkout page with straightforward information

When these four elements are embedded in your online store, it becomes easy for the customer to purchase products. Your website’s entire design will be useless if customers can’t order products and immediate purchases in minutes. A good custom design site will guarantee you zero worries about checkout issues. 

Engaging photos

Items on sale at your jewelry store must be adequately showcased on your website. Many online stores struggle to attract customers because they usually neglect using the right photos. 

Each section of an online store should have attractive photos of items. Your finest collection of bracelets, rings, watches, and other items should be on your site’s homepage. A clear display of your best-selling items will attract more customers and encourage them to buy more at checkout. 

Concise, valued content

Customers usually value-added content, apart from the pieces of jewelry you have on sale. It’s easier to engage customers through your website by offering interactive content. Provide your visitors with a chance to win prizes through a coupon or dish out special offers for new customers.  

You can also add educational content like informative articles, videos, graphics, etc. Adding a live chat screen will also come in handy to keep you connected to visitors and customers. 

But it’s worth noting that extra content should be dished out wisely. Stacking too much content on your online jewelry store could distract customers. You don’t want your potential clients gleaning stuff from your site and exit without any engagement. 

Stellar customer service channels

Selling stuff online doesn’t end after a customer checks out – it truly begins after closing the sale. Fantastic customer service is crucial to ensure first-time and regular clients always come back to your store. 

To ace customer service, you must offer more than one channel of contact with customers. You should have active and responsive email, live chat, and phone channels. These contact lines must be visible to customers on your site, as hiding such info could turn off potential buyers. 

You also need to conduct regular check-ins to ensure your customers got the perfect order. If customers have any complaints about your shipped product, your response channel can easily offer significant help. 

Professional customer service channels through your jewelry store also come in handy to contact visitors and buyers directly. Contact channels on your e-storefront will help you send out emails about fantastic offers, products, and other info to consumers. 

You need to make sure all the proper channels for customer service are embedded on your site. Return buyers might make up a considerable percentage of your total client base. Excellent customer service through your store makes sure clients turn to loyal buyers. 

Terms and Conditions Page

All your site’s policies should be on the ‘Terms and Conditions page to help customers understand vital information. Your custom jewelry website should know about:

  • Return policies
  • Exchange terms
  • Shipping policies
  • Billing layout
  • Insurance, etc. 

Vital information on this page will make customer transactions more transparent and build trust in your client base. 

About Us Page 

An ‘About Us’ page is essential for your custom jewelry store to thrive. On this page, you can help customers identify with your business’ personal story, which helps build strong connections.

A concise, direct page containing information about the business and your track record helps build customer trust. Many customers want to know who owns or a store before buying any item. The About Us page helps provide customers with info like:

  • The age of your business
  • How your business started
  • Your store’s location
  • Why your store is unique, etc.

Providing such information along with answers to essential questions gives your jewelry store an edge in the market. 

Working inventory software

Small jewelry stores can manage their inventory with spreadsheets and not have to worry about expanding record-keeping. But if your store begins to scale and serve more customers, your inventory software must improve. 

Your website should support inventory software that makes automation relatively easy. Available inventory software should allow employees to sort, label, and keep records of every item in your store. You’ll be able to manage stock items, regular sales, and keep track of all orders from online customers. 

Top 12 Jewellery Store WordPress Themes

Your jewelry WordPress theme must support Woocommerce integration and other vital plugins. These are twelve (12) of the most standard woocommerce jewelry theme options available:

  • Aurum
  • Bijoux
  • Dici
  • Divi
  • Fatcy
  • Franco
  • Massive Dynamic
  • Nitro
  • Primrose
  • Reprizo
  • XStore

These eCommerce themes are in popular demand, and all of them support shopping integrations. But if you want a unique article or website drawn from a blank canvas, you can’t rely on standard stuff. 

The custom website for your jewelry store should be in a class of its own. And that’s why you must trust an expert design team to create fantastic themes to help scale your jewelry store. 

Who Should You Trust with Custom Designs for Your Website?

Standard themes or websites might not attract more customers to your online store. It would help if you relied on experts at Seahawk to design a unique, functional website for your jewelry store. The design team at Seahawk will build your theme or website from scratch, enabling it with Woocommerce integration. 

There’s no better company to trust with designs for a unique jewelry WordPress theme. Take cues from our recent designs for Don Victor Jewelers. Their business has scaled tremendously and now attracts more online orders than ever before. 

Wrap Up

Many customers might find it difficult to spot the best jewelry WordPress theme without help. However, you do not have to worry about setting up a befitting woocommerce jewelry theme online store from scratch. Your business should have a unique representation online and total support for smooth integration. 

It would be best to trust designers with a treasure trove of fantastic jewelry websites to create beautiful themes that attract customers. Expert custom design concepts eclipse even the best free WordPress theme for jewelry stores.

The entire team at Seahawk is always prepared to leverage their massive skillsets to produce fantastic themes for your business. When you’re keen on nothing but the best concepts for your jewelry store, contact Seahawk for spectacular, awe-inspiring website designs!

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