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WordPress Performance Optimization To Do Without Plugin

WordPress Performance Optimization To Do Without Plugin

Does your WordPress site work, but do you find it a bit slow? Don’t panic! You’ll find in this guide all the practical ways to improve & optimize the speed of your WordPress site without using the plugin!

In the hyperconnected world of the moment, Internet users are increasingly demanding the loading speed of websites.

Do you have a WordPress website and want to optimize its performance without installing a plugin? You are in the right place!

You’ll find hundreds of blogs and articles on how to optimize WordPress performance without plugins on Google. But, it’s pretty hard to find solutions for a slow-loading website without installing a plugin. So, in this blog, we will share information about WordPress Performance Optimization to do without plugins!

Without further ado, let’s dive in!

Run A Speed Test

Before diving into the WordPress optimization process, we measure the website’s performance and speed score to analyze the difference. There are endless tools in the market that can be used to give you an actual speed status of your website’s performance with the suggestion to improve and optimize for a better score.

These tools will help you diagnose the potential issues that might hamper your website’s performance. Note, as long as your website performance is above 75%, and you’re good to go. Set realistic goals and do not stress much about numbers as most websites do not cross 80% depending upon the theme, images, and files.

Optimize Your Images Without A Plugin

Another common and most crucial issue that hampers the website speed audit is image optimization. Unoptimized images might consume ample time in the downloading process. It majorly happens due to the image data your website contains for each picture.

The speed audit will highlight the significant problem areas and present them on your website to kickstart the optimization process. Finding a rendered size image is a crucial step to optimize your images in WordPress without a plugin.

Minimize Unnecessary On-Page Elements

It is uncommon but authentic. Reducing the amount of complex and unnecessary on-page elements boosts your website’s performance. Some endless complex components and plugins add up and hamper your site’s overall performance by adding extra JS, HTML, and CSS files that aren’t of any use.

All these plugins distract users and ultimately hampers the user’s end performance. So, make sure while building a website, you put in the extra effort to keep it as simple as possible. Do not get fascinated by fancy animations, unnecessary sliders, or default pop-ups that trigger the performance.

Deactivate Unwanted WordPress Plugins

Increasing the site’s performance is an essential task for improved user experience. Look through your list of activated WordPress plugins and deactivate the ones that your website does not require.

By doing so, you will remove new hurdles that will ultimately increase the site performance without much effort. You have to go through each WordPress plugin and see if the site is actively using these plugins. If not, deactivate it.

Fix Errors

Another critical point that one must keep in mind while running a full-fledged website is to fix errors timely. Frustrated customers result from the site’s unsatisfactory performance, which is highly impacted by the common mistakes that might pop up on their screens. So, focus on fixing errors before your visitors feel detached from your brand and engrave a healthy experience for them on your website.


For any user surfing your website, speed is the major attraction that might distract your customer’s interests in a fraction of seconds. Therefore, it is undeniably essential to address WordPress performance optimization to set a fruitful experience for everyone visiting your site for the first time.

If you’re still confused about WordPress performance optimization to do without plugins, get in touch with our experts at Seahawk Media today!

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