Migrating A Single Website To A Different Server

Migrating a single website to a different server 01

When considering a move or expansion of a website, it is a good idea to know the ins and outs of moving your website. This article simplifies the process with steps on how to migrate your website files from one server to the next.

A server is a client to many devices, providing connections and services necessary for the device to perform the tasks it’s meant for.

A server provides functionality to other programs or devices on a computing network. It allows computers to share resources, though this work is split between the client device and the server. Servers are made up of different hardware and programs that must work in harmony to keep a network running.

Switching a single domain to a new server

Migrating to a new DNS server and DNS propagation

Afterward, once you have fixed all the issues with your previously hosted website and ensured it works properly, you have successfully migrated your website. 

If you need professional help to migrate your website, get in touch with us!

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