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White Label WordPress Development: Everything You Need To Know!

White Label WordPress Development

Building a website today is one of the most required services. No matter if you are a digital agency, a marketing firm, or a freelancer, it is inevitable that at some point, you will be asked to build someone a website. Most of the businesses in the above-mentioned categories have tried WordPress and built their own website. Another current trend and option are to branch out to build a website and white label WordPress development. If so, here is everything you need to know about the process of white-labeling WordPress for potential customers. 

The concept around WordPress development is quite simple. You will be the primary stakeholder when it comes to interacting with the customer. However, you will work directly with a contractor that will perform the actual development work. That is why White label WordPress development is a much-used term than the contract WordPress development. 

What is White Labeling?

White Labeling is a process when items, first manufactured by one company, are rebranded from another one, with the purpose of giving the impression as they were created by the second company. This is a common practice that makes the consumer unaware that they are creating a white label product or item. This process works great in the industry, and now it has transferred onto the digital sector too. 

The digital agencies started to white label almost everything from web development, web design, ad management, etc. The idea is to keep the costs down and to mix the agency’s expertise along with outsourced experts that will help in completing the project for the clients more profitably and efficiently. The final result will surely be more than satisfying since this is a popular trend, that does not ask for an in-house development team.  

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Pros and Cons of White Labeling

White-label agency services have many advantages and disadvantages. Let’s dive in: 

High revenue with low expendituresLess control over the tools & features
Rapid brand growthInconsistent quality.
Saves timeExpensive implementation
Able to create your custom pricing plansPotential liability
Saves your moneyBoost the supply chain costs

How Does White Label WordPress Development Work?

So, let’s start. These are the important steps towards taking up a White Label WordPress agency and development. 

Is White Label WordPress Development Good for My Business?

The first and most important thing is to ask whether it is good for your business to contract out a White Label WordPress Development? The answer to this must come only from you, as a business owner.

Expanding the offer from the level of single service or small set of services to website development is quite a big jump. It most certainly will bring additional profits and grow the business on the faster track. If you decide that you will offer White Label WordPress Development, then picking out the first customer is very important and must be done carefully. This customer must be a good one to work with, and additionally, you must understand their business. The best way is to work with an existing customer. 

Three-Part Website Division

When you have decided to work on White Label WordPress Development, then, you should plan and separate the new website you are creating into 3 different parts: design, content creation, and website development. 


Design is what shows how the webpage will look like. It includes the layout, top and bottom navigation, slider with multiple pictures and videos, short video on the home page, etc. it also takes into account colors, font, styles, forms. The creation of the design must reflect the audience that will be visiting the website and what should be delivered through it. The user experience here is very important.

The best way to achieve all of that is to use a Premium WordPress theme, which will save up some money and look great. These premium themes are designed by professionals and they are original. 

Content Creation

The websites require information and text. This text and the paragraphs also need stock photos. To be the content as original as possible, it is best for the customer to write their own. They are the ones that best know their business and can present the story most professionally. Their message will be the truest representation of what their business stands for. 

Website Development

After the design and the content are created, it all should be put on the website. It all should look good and presentable. This can easily be done using WordPress. 

After this is done, the website will be hosted on a server of your choice and go live. Using a powerful Managed WordPress server for your hosting is highly advisable.

Using WordPress

WordPress is one of the most common and used content management systems. It allows any business to meet its objectives and needs. By using WordPress, one organization can manage, update and add a large number of pages. It also helps in controlling the website’s content and speed. WordPress offers a variety of themes, and there is an option to build a custom one. It is SEO-friendly that allows building an effective online presence. All of that is achieved through optimizing the homepage, keywords, descriptions, etc. 

Why Should You Consider Outsourcing Your WordPress Development Work?

There are many benefits when it comes to outsourcing WordPress Development work. This especially refers to start-ups or small businesses that cannot survive on their own and their work just cannot be managed by one person. The majority of businesses are looking for expansion, and when it comes to that, it is very needed and important to have a partner that will share the load. With this, you, as a company owner, would solely focus on your business. That is why you need to have a trusted team, and you will not focus on micromanaging but on the bigger things. 

Why Should You Outsource WordPress Development to India?

For all those who are looking for quality and affordable development services, a great option is outsourcing them to India. There are several benefits that make this choice quite the right move:

Professional WordPress Developers are Easy to Find

One of the biggest benefits when it comes to outsourcing WordPress development to India is that you will get the best and the most professional people to work on your project. With that in mind, you can easily focus on your side of the business, while the professionals take care of your project. This is due to the fact that these developers are constantly upgrading their knowledge and skills according to the latest market innovations and trends, and they will most definitely deliver the latest and the most suitable solution. 

Abundance of Skilled and Experienced WordPress Developers

The White Label WordPress agency that offers WordPress development services also offers a team of professionals that can deal with different and various aspects of the project. Such agencies only hire the best teams, and that is why they stand behind them, knowing that they are extremely skilled and talented. This highly speaks of the agency itself and the resources it has available. Building such a team in-house is very costly and expensive, and that is why many companies and businesses opt for outsourcing to India. 

Different Time Zone Advantage

The different time zone has proven to be an advantage when it comes to WordPress development. The difference between the countries and India offers delivering service per client wishes and convenience. This means that they will deliver high-quality work in a shorter time. 

Improved Capabilities

When it comes to software developments, offering services, and similar processes, India has a competitive advantage over the rest of the world. The same applies to WordPress development services. Most of the White label WordPress agencies have the skill-sets and improved capabilities to deal with any kind of project. This comes from investing in different technologies that result in providing better services. 

More Benefits for Less Money

Almost every business, especially the new ones, runs on tight budgets. They are under the pressure and the stress to generate more incomes and profits, and keep their costs to a minimum. With a skilled team of professionals that come from India, you will not have to worry about that. They will take care of all the WordPress development needs. Since they will be specialized to work just on that task, they can entirely dedicate themselves to it, directly contributing to increasing the profits of the company.  

Great Quality on a Short Delivery Time

There are a huge number of WordPress Development agencies on the market, and staying afloat and competitive on the market means that you have to offer the best services. Staying in business means delivering high-quality services in the shortest time possible. Quality has always preceded the price, so the companies are willing to spend a few extra if they are guaranteed that they will get exceptional quality. 

To Sum Up

Overall, the demand for White Label WordPress Agencies and Development is now bigger than ever. The benefits of incorporating it are truly outstanding. It does not matter whether you are working on a simple site, or you are developing something for a big company. The thing is that this outsourcing takes care of your needs, in the fastest and the most efficient way.

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