How to Convert Figma Design to WordPress

How to convert Figma Design to WordPress 01

Creating a website and introducing to the whole world about your great business is quite essential nowadays. You might have a great running business or a brilliant idea that you would like to test out. In that case, you will most likely need a website to express your content digitally. As you open up your browser and search for creating a website, you will most likely come across WordPress and Figma. Now it is time to explore these tools and how you could collaboratively use them.

WordPress is a great content management system framework, which enables you to build your website quickly. You can easily start by using a template that will guide you through creating your content. WordPress can is a graphical editor in which all you need to do is drag the elements to the desired spaces on the current page, and then you can easily attach these for functionality. It is simple to create basic logic like click actions, what will happen when buttons are clicked on the website. Even though the whole website building seems simple, it is always helpful to create a sitemap first, in which page connections and the contents, requirements of the pages are determined thoroughly. It would be even better if you accompanied your sitemap with a user flow. So that you can build intuitive websites in which your business idea is perfectly communicated to your visitors. Although WordPress is quite simple and will probably meet your basic expectations, it will not be sufficient for your complex design ideas. Suppose you believe that the business idea can be communicated only by using well-thought design flows, animations, and intricate design elements. In that case, you shall look in a direction other than WordPress.

Right at this point, it is much likely to come across with Figma. Figma is one of the most used and enabling graphics editing applications, which can be used for free. You can think of Figma as a web-based user interface and graphics designing application. Figma lets you perform entire web design development processes like interface designing, wireframing, and prototyping. Moreover, since it is web-based, you can start using it at any web browser. It is also collaboration enabled so that your design team can work together, share their ideas, brainstorm, and design. If you decide to use Figma for the user interface design, the first thing to do is creating a wireframe. The wireframe includes the entire flow of the website, pages, and possible user actions. For instance, you might wish your website visitors to navigate to the detailed services page as they click to the “Wonder how it works?” prompt on your landing page. This navigation is a part of your website flow and should be implemented in the wireframe. You can also think of it as a skeleton of your website.
Furthermore, the wireframe designs are followed by user interface designs. So that each content on each page of your website is carefully designed collaboratively, finally, you can use prototyping to link individually designed pages together and make a demo. But this is all from Figma. If you want to build an actual website, which people can see by clicking on your domain, you need a web builder. Now it is time to use Figma designs with a website builder. But unfortunately, there is no easy way of converting the Figma designs to your website builder, WordPress most likely. But do not worry; SeaHawk Media is here to help you out as you build your WordPress website.

You have designed your user interfaces with tender care in Figma. Then you started a new website using WordPress. But then what? How can you use Figma designs on your website? WordPress operates with PHP templates, CSS, and JavaScript codes. PHP is mainly responsible for page loading, whereas CSS has information on how things look, and JavaScript makes the whole website dynamic. Conversion between Figma to WordPress requires good knowledge of these, and the process is a bit cumbersome. Seahawk Media can help you. Seahawk Media provides WordPress services for brands of all sizes at affordable prices. Even starting from scratch with a blank canvas and developing designs is possible. These services are brewed with intelligent SEO services.
Let’s go back to our topic of how the designs can be put into an actual WordPress site. You can contact SeaHawk regarding the web design services. Firstly, the Figma project is communicated and shared with us. The specifications of the designs are determined. It is followed by price calculation based on the page count and additional services like WP Care. As the SeaHawk Media team carefully reviews your design, the required revisions to improve your interface designs are shared with you. As the design stage is completed, the development stage of the website begins for actual magic. The required conversions to build a WordPress website from the Figma project are performed by SeaHawk developers. We usually use Elementor Pro to create our stunning websites on WordPress, which can easily be managed on your when the site is live.

Here is the list of development actions.

Firstly, the approved Figma designs, the homepage, subpages, and blog pages, are developed. If you do not have hosting and WordPress installation, no worries; the team also handles this. As the developments are completed, two rounds of development revisions are performed to double-check that everything is planned. Modifications are followed by the optimization stage, in which the website loading speed and performance of the website are improved. Then analytics are implemented to be able to have data analysis as the website is up and running.
Furthermore, the developed website is e-commerce business-ready. So, if you plan to sell your products directly from your website, you are one step ahead already! The final stage is launching the website and setting the domain up. As the design conversions from Figma and website development are completed, you are provided with an up and running, fully functional website that exactly matches your design vision. Now it is your time to do something extraordinary with your website!

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