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The preinstalled WordPress default theme is the one that appears on your website when you first install WordPress. The purpose of this theme is to showcase fresh WordPress features. After logging into your WordPress website, this is the first theme you see.

How can the default theme be improved?

There are several things you may do to improve your website if you’re using the default WordPress theme and you’ve noticed that it loads slowly:

Utilize an image compression plugin like ShortPixel to optimize the pictures used on your website.

Install a caching plugin, such as WPSuperCache or WPRocket.

To offer pictures and static data like scripts and style sheets, use a content delivery network (CDN). Employ a quick hosting company.

How can your WordPress theme be changed?

The default theme that comes with WordPress may be changed. Select Add New under Appearance > Themes. Next, search the official repository for an alternative theme, select Install, followed by Activate.

Alternatively, you may upload a WordPress theme that you downloaded from a third-party website or store by heading to Appearance > Themes > Add New > Upload Theme.

Then find the theme’s zip file, choose it, and install it. Click Activate after the theme installation is complete.

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Why would you want to switch to the WordPress default theme?

You are now aware of the default theme’s identity and critical characteristics. You are also adept at altering the default theme. But if it already has all the most recent features that WordPress has to offer, why would you modify it?

The default theme was primarily changed because it lacked several features compared to other WordPress themes.

The majority of WordPress’s interesting new features may be seen in the default theme. The primary themes, however, lack many modification possibilities and are not as adaptable as some other WordPress themes available on the market. As a result, think about switching to a new theme or utilizing the specialist services available if you want complete control over the appearance and feel of your website data in Seahawk Media to create the website of your dreams.

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