3 Step Guide For Brand Typography

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Building a beautiful web UI and UX experience can be quite the challenging milestone, but it will surely take your site to a higher level, so high, your competitors will have a tougher time catching up and reaching your level of top-notch quality web experience. When your User Interface, UI, contains customized brand typography it adds flair, personality, and value to your website’s overall User Experience. Chances are this is the first time you hear such jargon, but brand typography can be mutually rewarding for both brands and users. Specialized fonts can be a compelling way to alter your reader’s psyche because fonts have that exact ability to influence your buyer’s attention. By choosing your own fonts you are practicing eminent and provocative visual branding at its finest.

What is Brand Typography?

Brand typography is bringing your text to life by the practice of arranging, designing, and treating typefaces and fonts along with symbols like an art form, across all traditional and digital media channels. It is tailoring your text with such precision that they appear clear, sharp, and vivid; this will give you the best font appearance, style, and overall structure. Such customization is beneficial because it adds on to your site’s overall unique visual appeal, and it gives rise to certain customer emotions to better communicate your brand’s message for your audience to enjoy.

With the assumption that you have already set in place a company brand personality, you are prepared to successfully create your brand typography, thus helping increase your brand recognition in its entirety: 

Five Basic Typeface Classifications & Their fonts

#1 Serif

A slight finishing off a stroke of a letter.

Types of Serifs

#2 Sans Serif

Sans, meaning “without”, does not have extending features called “serifs” at the end of strokes. This approach is often used for minimalistic, modern, and simplistic typography.

Types of Scripts

#3 Script

Based more upon fluid strokes created by calligraphy and handwriting.

Types of Scripts

#4 MonoSpaced

A fixed-width typeface in which its characters and letters each occupy the same amount of horizontal space.  A few fonts are Apercu Mono, Courier, and Maison Mono.

#5 Display

This typeface’s purpose is meant more for large-sized headings. Display typefaces will often have more unconventional and fluid design elements, rather than the conservative typefaces generally used for a full body of the text.  A few fonts are Acherus Militant, Air America, and Sketsa Ramadhan.

Match Your New Typeface With Your Brand Personality

Now that you read and understand the five basic typefaces. This will help you get started in no time. So go ahead and choose the best typeface that best mirrors your brand personality. Make sure to look into font families associated with your typefaces to make a far better decision. In fact, you can get as technical as you would like when picking your typeface. For some brands mixing certain typefaces with others can be a greater benefit than using only one typeface. According to Vengage.com , pairing a bold serif header with a nondescript sans-serif subheader will help your brand appear more trustworthy. For example, these variations can be seen when you put together certain font styles like Abril Fatface (header)+ Montserrat (subheader), and Rozha One (header) + Raleway (subheader). 

Make Sure Your Fonts Meet These Requirements

Your typeface should have a few common, but vital, characteristics across all your fonts for your customers to enjoy. It should aim to become contrasting, versatile, and vivid.

It’s your brand so take your time and choose wisely. Never hurry on selecting your brand typeface and its respective fonts because it may cost you an arm or a leg. Match those typefaces with your brand voice and personality, and then make sure your font meets certain qualifications that way if you make a mistake you won’t have to spend much cash or time. Let us know if you need help with Brand typography, simply contact us and a Seahawk Media representative will make sure to contact you as soon as possible.

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