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What Is Branding? Learn About The Components Of Branding.

Branding is a brand management strategy so that it is perceived and remembered by customers positively. The success of a brand goes far, far beyond the products it sells. Why is it that some companies are better remembered & more loved by the public than their competitors who sell pretty much the safe stuff? One […]

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6 Tips For Growing Your Dribbble Profile

Highlights:  Dribbble is a social networking and self-promotion platform where digital designers and creators can gain inspiration, feedback, community, and jobs. Dribbble is your best resource to create portfolios and discover & connect with designers worldwide. Dribbble has grown into a global community with over 1 trillion pixels shared and tens of millions of designers […]

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ClickUp vs. Monday.com: Why Did Seahawk Shift From Monday.com to ClickUp?

It’s ClickUp or slip up – there ain’t no in between! When it comes to choosing the best project management software, it can be pretty tricky. As you’re doing your research, there is a high chance that you will have to opt either for monday.com or ClickUp, as these two names are regarded as the […]

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What Are Instagram Guides? How To Use Them?

“60% of Instagram users discover new products on the platform”. As per reports, engagement with brands on Instagram remains the highest; ten times higher than Facebook, 54 times higher than Pinterest, and 84 times higher than Twitter.  Instagram has released the Guide feature globally for all users to help businesses and content creators gain the most […]

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Must-Have Facebook Marketing Strategies For eCommerce Business

It is increasingly clear that social media will become more and more entrenched in our daily lives. Business owners can therefore harness the power of social networking to promote their products and services. But where to start? Creating business pages on Facebook is a good option, as they are a great way to market your […]

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Top 5 Best Practices to Optimize Your Google Ads Campaign

Advertisements are one of the most important aspects in the process of expanding the reach of any product. In today’s virtual era, Google ads are an extraordinary option to promote your products with a user-friendly and widespread infrastructure. Also, there are some popular practices to optimize your google ads, so that they bring you the […]

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How To Do A Social Media Audit?

If you are in this race, you must have realized by now that in today’s digital world, social media marketing can make or break your business. And so, you’ve done what needs to be done to ensure a strong online presence for your business. Or so you thought. Sure, you have a cool Facebook page […]

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What Is Remarketing In PPC?

Business owners and digital marketers face a very competitive world of Internet marketing on a daily basis. The constant struggle of leading in organic and paid online marketing often creates a whirlwind for a majority of professionals. With Google controlling 67% of the search engine market, it is imperative for everyone to stay updated on […]

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How To Use Instagram Hashtags?

While hashtags originated on Twitter, they swiftly became a part of many social media platforms. The usage of hashtags on Instagram eventually rose higher than that of Twitter. At this point, the density of Instagram hashtag is greater because the value of brand promotion has always been a success on Instagram when appropriately used. Often, […]

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