The Importance Of Creating A LinkedIn Company Page

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Every social media platform goes through phases in the beginning when they seem irrelevant. When Myspace was popular and Facebook showed up on the scene, it seemed like a joke. When Facebook was booming, people didn’t see the point in using Instagram. When Instagram Stories first started, it seemed redundant because we had Snapchat. This is also true of LinkedIn.

Years before, LinkedIn was used mainly as a stark online resume tool, but not much else. Now, LinkedIn has blossomed into the career networking hub. You can grow your network, connect with others, see updates from your favorite companies, and search for and apply for jobs online. With LinkedIn becoming the go-to for professional networking, here are a few reasons why you should create a LinkedIn Company Page.

Increase Credibility

Having a LinkedIn Company Page increases your credibility as a business. With a LinkedIn Company Page, not only can people benefit from learning about your business, your employees can also benefit. Employees can update their profiles by saying they work at your company and link to your Page. Not only does it look more credible, you also can increase the likelihood of somebody finding your Page. It’s common for people to browse on LinkedIn for potential recruits or business connections. You never know who could discover your company after clicking to learn more about it on an employee’s profile.

Establish Dominance in Your Industry

Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are filled with random content that ranges from helpful articles, political tirades, and viral videos of kids doing the latest challenge, but on LinkedIn, all the content is focused around business. With a LinkedIn Company Page, you can establish dominance in your industry by publishing relevant, beneficial, or thought-provoking articles and content.

Post Jobs

Of course, job searching sites like Monster and Indeed still exist, however, with LinkedIn becoming the social media platform of choice for business professionals, it is also a great place to post jobs. With a LinkedIn Company Page, you can post jobs online in front of an audience whose sole purpose is to grow professionally.

Grow Your Connections

One of the biggest reasons people and companies join LinkedIn is to grow their professional network. LinkedIn is a great platform for making B2B connections in your community and rubbing digital elbows with those you aspire to collaborate with from different organizations.

Creating a LinkedIn Company Page is quick and supremely beneficial. We recommend adding this to your social media strategy in order to further grow your business into the success it is destined to become.

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