Sell More Products With Sellbrite By GoDaddy

Sellbrite by GoDaddy

Alright, business owners, it’s rapid-fire question time:

  1. Are you a retail or e-commerce business?
  2. Do you list products on multiple marketplaces (Amazon, Etsy, eBay, Jet)?
  3. Do you want to sell more products?
  4. Would you consider yourself a smart cookie?

If you answered ‘yes’ to all the questions listed above, it’s time you learned about Sellbrite by GoDaddy. But before we can do that, we need to lay some groundwork.

What is multi-channel selling?

Before we can tell you about Sellbrite, you need to know what multi-channel selling is. Multi-channel selling is where you list your retail or e-commerce products on various online marketplaces. These marketplaces include sites like the all-powerful Amazon, the DIYers’ haven Etsy, and a host of other sites (like eBay, Jet, Walmart, Sears, Newegg, and Rakuten) that deserve a digital round of applause.

What is Sellbrite?

You can imagine that if you have all your products scattered across the interweb, managing all the inventory and sales might be a pain in the neck. But that’s where Sellbrite comes in. Sellbrite allows you to manage your sites and your products in one place. You can sync inventory to prevent overselling, automatically update listings, ship multi-channel orders, and gain valuable insight and data.

What is the purpose of Sellbrite and multi-channel selling?

The ultimate purpose of incorporating multi-channel selling through programs like Sellbrite is to ultimately up your sales. And as business owners, isn’t that what we’re after? Having your products listed on multiple marketplaces allows you to have added exposure in front of varying audiences. With seamless programs like Sellbrite that allow you to manage and control your inventory on one platform, you can keep a watchful eye over all your sales with ease and rake in that cash money.

So, where does GoDaddy come in?

Because Sellbrite was such a gem in the business world, GoDaddy was smart and swooped that baby right up. Now, GoDaddy customers have the option to buy domains, build an online store, and easily incorporate marketplace selling within the GoDaddy realm. Interested in getting started? Contact our Seahawk team today and we can get you on the “brite” track!

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