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How To Use Instagram Hashtags?


While hashtags originated on Twitter, they swiftly became a part of many social media platforms. The usage of hashtags on Instagram eventually rose higher than that of Twitter. At this point, the density of Instagram hashtag is greater because the value of brand promotion has always been a success on Instagram when appropriately used. Often, regular Instagram users see hashtags as a tool for improving their network experience and connecting with new people; however, social media marketers see the potential of Instagram to build community, increase brand awareness, and extend business reach.


A hashtag works in the same way as keywords but along with the pound sign that is attached before it. It looks like this: #hashtag. Make sure that there is no gap between the pound sign and the keywords. When used on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, these hashtags act like a tool that turns them into a link and collects all the similar content under it. You’ll notice that all the popular hashtags will pop up as you type any keyword with a pound sign.

Each piece of content you post on Instagram can be accompanied by a short message known as a Caption. With this caption, you can use hashtags to organize and categorize images and videos to a particular genre. This helps to manage the content and optimize it within the category. You can include up to 30 hashtags in a single post; however, experts recommend using lesser, as it looks spammy. Most of the researchers recommend using a minimum of 11 hashtags to get the best engagement. Add them to your profile bio to hyperlink to specific posts or use them on posts in your feed; you can easily experiment to determine what works best for you.

On Instagram, you can also follow hashtags that are relevant to your interest and business. This will help you discover content related to your interests. They work wonderfully to find new content and create a special campaign with unique hashtags to tie all your related posts together. 


To help you get the best results of your efforts in Instagram hashtags, we’ve put together a few tips for you. Let’s have a look:

Your audience should be your priority: When using hashtags, keep your audience in mind. Simply using any hashtags to reach a good amount of people is absolutely fine, but to genuinely build your true audience, prefer using a majority of relevant hashtags only. It signifies authenticity and makes your content consistent.

If you share content with the hashtag #chocolate one day and #car the next, you will be followed by a set of people who prefer different content. However, if you want to attract people to focus on your brand product, try focusing on a hashtag strategy around your target audience.

Hashtag Research is a must: In addition to doing your regular keyword research, it is necessary to keep a note of banned hashtags. With your research, you’ll find new hashtags that can be useful for you. You can check famous influencers of your industry and see what they are using. You can also follow hashtags related to your industry or area of expertise and see what others are doing and their interactions with their audience. Explore other posts, and you can also use Instagram hashtag tools to discover new ones to try.

Try a mix of both longtail and famous hashtags: Using a popular hashtag can easily curtail the burst of like, and engagement right after posting. However, you must understand that the more popular hashtag you’ll use, there will be a high chance of your content getting lost in the sea of other content posted under that hashtag. That is why it is always good to use a mixture of hashtags that include both popular and longtail hashtags. The longtail or niche hashtags may have fewer followers, but they have the most dedicated audience. You’ll also be visible for a longer time.

Keep track of trending hashtags: Lastly, take advantage of trending hashtags to reach more people. Often, there are times when new hashtags are formed to make a trend. You can use them and create your content accordingly. You will easily be able to capture more audience.

Hashtags are a perfect way to reach a wider audience. Why not #followus and learn more about them?

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