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Microsite: An Affordable Way To Rebrand

Microsite: An Affordable Way To Rebrand

One of the first steps many entrepreneurs take when starting a brand is acquiring their domain and launching a website. Aside from creating a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn page, a website has always been the first step in launching an online brand. Many decide to build their website on a DIY platform like WIX or Squarespace, while others spend time learning WordPress or use a template. Many successful brands are hiring expert designers to build their custom website on WordPress because it’s the most popular and flexible CMS in the world – powering over 40% of the internet. Of course, working with a professional comes at a cost and the upfront fees can exceed the cost of a DIY platform. However, there is a cost-effective solution that many brands and many startups are opting for called a microsite.

What Is A Microsite?

A microsite is essentially a mini website. At Seahawk we classify it as a one-page, long scroll responsive website. There will still be a menu bar at the top, which will scroll to the corresponding section. For example, if the About tab is clicked on then it will scroll to the About section on that same page. 

Benefits of Microsites

When it comes to brand identity for a startup or small business, a new microsite is enough to cover a full rebrand and get you the image you need. It’s like getting a whole brand makeover and costs less because there are less unique pages that need designing.

Another benefit to starting with a microsite is that you will always have the ability to create more subpages and unique pages down the road. Meaning you are not just locked into a one-page site. The reason why the cost is lower is because the designer only has to design one page as opposed to a multipage site where there are more pages.

Microsites can be a great platform for launching a new product or service. A ton of promotional campaigns can be carried out to generate interest among potential customers. With the help of dynamic multimedia content, a microsite can engage the audiences effectively and work as a potential lead generator as well.

There are several types of physical events and campaigns organized by brands to enhance their presence and reach. A microsite can prove to be a useful channel to share relevant information regarding such events, such as, event details, registration, contact details etc. Moreover, a microsite enables you to be as elaborate as possible.

Employing a microsite can also help in boosting your website’s SEO ranking as it allows new audiences to find your business on the web. Visitors who are familiar with your brand can find microsite via organic search, social media, and referral links.

Microsites can be an excellent and cost-effective medium for measuring target market engagement. The freedom to experiment without cumbersome restrictions is what sets a microsite apart from the usual websites. Marketing teams can run agile campaigns and generate more sales opportunities which allow them to compete with disruptive market forces and upstart companies. Focusing on buyer persona and delivering engaging, informative, and delightful content can make your microsite a huge success!

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