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Humanize AI Content: Add Warmth and Personality to Your Writing

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Written By: author image Komal Bothra
author image Komal Bothra
Humanize AI content like a pro. Add warmth and personality to your AI content!

If the “How to Humanize AI Content” blog is also written by an AI-powered tool instead of a human writer, would you be able to identify that? And, more importantly, would it make any difference to you as an avid reader?

Ever found yourself scrolling through an article and feeling like an AI wrote it? Yeah, me too. With AI taking over content creation, it’s super important to keep that human touch. Let me share why adding a dash of humanity to AI-generated content makes all the difference.

Indeed, AI is amazing and it can write 100s of articles in just a click. But here’s the thing: no matter how smart & fast AI gets, it often lacks originality & insight that human writers bring to the table. The quirky humor, the storytelling, the heartfelt stories – these are some of the crucial elements that hook readers & make content engaging and memorable. 

So, if you want to give your AI-generated content an authentic tone that engages and connects with your potential audience on a deeper level, it’s crucial to infuse creativity into your content. Let’s dive into how you can do just that.

Why Can AI Content Feel Cold?

Why AI content feel cold

Let’s understand why AI content can feel so cold and how we can warm it up.

Lack of Emotional Understanding

AI doesn’t understand emotions like we, as humans, do. It processes data and generates content based on patterns but doesn’t “get” the nuances of human conversation. This often leads to content that’s technically correct but emotionally flat. 

For example, I once used an AI tool to draft an article on WordPress themes. While the information was spot-on, it read like a dry manual rather than an engaging guide. The AI didn’t understand that readers might feel excited or overwhelmed when choosing a new theme – emotions I would naturally incorporate into my writing.

No Personal Anecdotes

Another reason AI content can feel cold is the lack of personal anecdotes and experiences. AI can’t share personal experiences because it doesn’t have any. Without these personal touches, the content can feel impersonal, robotic, and disconnected.

Struggles with Tone and Voice

AI often struggles with tone and voice. It can produce either too formal or casual text, missing the sweet spot that connects with your audience. 

For instance, I once had AI draft an email campaign. The text was polite and clear, but it lacked the friendly, conversational tone I wanted. It’s like trying to have a conversation with someone who finds a response in the books, even for a single “HI” that doesn’t feel genuine. 

When I write about WordPress, I aim for a tone that’s both informative and approachable, something AI finds hard to replicate.

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Humanize Your AI Content Like a Pro

Humanize AI content like a pro

Ready to write content that feels human? Let’s dive in and understand how to bring human touch into your AI-generated content to make every word count!

Find Your Brand’s Voice: Making AI Speak Your Language

Your brand’s voice is like its personality. Is it friendly and approachable, or professional and authoritative? For example, if you run a fun, quirky brand, make sure your AI content reflects the voice. 

Think of brands like Old Spice or Wendy’s on Twitter – they’ve nailed their unique voices. When I write, I picture my audience and think, “How would I talk to them if we were face-to-face?” 

Just like when I write about WordPress plugins, I imagine explaining it to a layman who’s setting up their first blog.

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Voice and Tone: No More Mr. Robot – Conversational Tone Tips

There’s no need to write the content in a typical formal language; just speak like a real person and say NO to Mr. Robot. Try to use contractions, ask questions, and keep it concise. Instead of saying, “One must consider,” try “Have you thought about this?” It’s like resonating with the readers rather than writing a whole-boring content. 

For instance, instead of “Utilize this strategy to improve your workflow,” say, “Try this tip to make your day easier.” See the difference? One sounds stiff, whereas the other feels like friendly advice. 

When I write guides on WordPress speed optimization, I say things like, “Want your site to load faster? Here’s a quick fix.”

Infuse Personality: Speak to Your Audience

Let your unique voice shine through. Share funny or personal experiences in your write-ups. When you express your personality in your writing, it makes your content more relatable and enjoyable. Think about what makes you unique; maybe you have a quirky sense of humor or some unforgettable experiences. Use these elements to add warmth to your content.

For instance, when I was writing my first WordPress blog, I spent hours trying to get everything perfect. I agonized over every detail, from the Headings to the Fonts. In the end, I realized I was overthinking it. I decided to keep it simple and focus on my message. 

Sharing these kinds of personal touches makes your content feel more human and keeps your audience interested & engaged.

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The Magic of Personalization: Make It About Them

People love feeling seen and understood. Use personal pronouns like “you” and “your” to make the content feel direct and engaging. Instead of saying, “Users often find,” try “You might notice.” It’s a small change that makes a big difference. 

For example, “Hey, you! Yes, you! Ever feel overwhelmed by all the AI options out there?” This approach grabs attention and makes the reader feel like you’re speaking directly to them. When I explain how to customize WordPress settings, I say, “You can customize WordPress settings easily by going to…”

Storytelling: The Heartbeat of Human Connection

Stories are powerful. They make content memorable and relatable. Share your own experiences or customer success stories. For instance, I once wrote about how an AI tool saved me hours of editing time. That real-life example resonated much more than a list of features ever could. 

Think about a time when AI really helped you out, or even a time it didn’t. These stories make your content richer and more engaging. When I talk about using WordPress for e-commerce, I share stories of how one of our clients  turned her business into a thriving online store.

Humor: Because Even Robots Need a Laugh

Don’t be afraid to be funny. By adding a touch of humor & comedy into your content, you can make it more enjoyable and memorable. Just make sure it’s appropriate for your audience. A well-placed humor or a witty comment can lighten the mood and make your content stand out.

For example, “AI might not be able to make your coffee (yet), but it can definitely save you time on those boring tasks.” It’s lighthearted and adds a bit of personality to the content. When I write about troubleshooting WordPress errors, I might say, “Don’t worry, even the best websites have bad days.”

The Power of a Good Edit: Polishing AI Content

Even the best AI content needs a human touch. Read through and edit for flow and tone. Always look for awkward phrases and replace them with natural, conversational language. Think of it as proofreading & polishing your content can make it shine from the crowd. 

For example, if the AI writes, “The utilization of this tool can be beneficial,” you might tweak it to, “Using this tool can really help.” It’s smoother and more relatable. When editing AI-generated WordPress tutorials, I make sure every step sounds like advice from a friend rather than a manual.

The Hybrid Approach: Man + Machine = Magic

Human creativity with the touch of AI can create magic to your content. Agree? 

Use AI tools to do the heavy lifting and add your unique voice & style to refine it. Think of it as a partnership – AI provides the framework, and you add the heart. 

For example, I often use AI to craft the initial draft and then I add my voice, anecdotes, and polish. It’s the perfect blend of speed and personality. When I create content on the latest WordPress updates, AI helps me get the facts down fast, and then I level up the content game with tips and personal insights.

The Future of Humanize AI Content

So, there you have it – the secret formula to humanize AI content. Embrace AI, but always add that personal touch. It’s like mixing tech with a warm hug.  

Humanizing AI content is not just a trend; it’s the future of content creation. As AI continues to evolve, the ability to blend its efficiency with human creativity will set you apart. Always remember, at the heart of every piece of content is a human reader looking for connection, understanding, and engagement. By following the above steps, you’ll ensure your AI-generated content not only informs but also resonates. Let’s make the future of content creation bright, engaging, and wonderfully human!

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