ClickUp vs. Why Did Seahawk Shift From to ClickUp?

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It’s ClickUp or slip up – there ain’t no in between! When it comes to choosing the best project management software, it can be pretty tricky. As you’re doing your research, there is a high chance that you will have to opt either for or ClickUp, as these two names are regarded as the best project management (PM) software on the market. Deciding between and ClickUp can be a fuzzy decision. Well, we’d like to inform you that our company, Seahawk, officially shifted from to ClickUp! is a cloud-based Work OS that allows teams to develop workflow applications in minutes to operate their processes, projects, and day-to-day operations. Web-based, iPhone, and Android devices are all supported. Some of its major features include activity recording, configurable fields, tags and keywords, time tracking, and visual progress display. It works with third-party apps like DropBox, Google Drive, and Slack. It’s a very solid platform.

ClickUp provides documents, reminders, objectives, calendars, and even an inbox for any sort of team to plan, organize, and collaborate. Their mission is to save people time by making the world more productive and they do this by bringing all apps in one place. Users may access the program using a web browser, an iPhone, or an Android smartphone. Client management, file sharing, idea management, product roadmapping, and automated workflows are some of its major features. It also works with third-party applications.

Do you want to know why we moved from to ClickUp? The differences between & ClickUp? If yes, then you’re in the right place. In this blog, we will share the reasons why we moved from to ClickUp!

Let’s dive in!

The best software for project management

For us, ClickUp is the best software for process and task management. You can customize your assigned tasks, workflow and add different types of dependencies for the functions. ClickUp offers reminders, goals, docs, calendars, and even an inbox, and it can be easily accessed via web-based, iPhone, and Android devices. Some of its essential features include file sharing, product road mapping, client management, idea management, and workflow automation. It also integrates with 3rd-party apps such as Asana and Trello.

How much costs? 

If you are striving for a free project management tool, would not be a perfect choice. The app has no free version available for its users. In contrast, has four different pricing plans: Basic, Standard, Pro, and Enterprise Plan. Its Basic plan costs you $8/user/month, where its Standard plan starts at $10/user/month. The cost of the Pro Plan is $16/user/month. If you are looking for an enterprise-grade solution to gain security, control, and support—securely and at scale, then contact their customer service team to get details about their Enterprise plan. You can customize the enterprise plan based on your needs. 

Note: A minimum of 3 seats per plan makes the basic expense $24 total per month on an annual billing cycle. 

How much ClickUp Project Management costs?

On the contrary, you can try ClickUp for free forever. It comes with four different pricing plans: Free, Unlimited, Business, & Enterprise. 

Free Forever 

100MB Storage, Unlimited Tasks, Unlimited Members, &Two-Factor Authentication

Unlimited Plan 

Unlimited Storage, Unlimited List, Board, and Calendar views, Unlimited Integrations, Unlimited Dashboards, Guests and Permissions, Goals, Portfolios, and Custom Fields. This plan will cost you $5 per month per user on an annual subscription.


Everything from the previous plans plus Goal Folders, Custom Exporting Private, Protected, and Default Views, All Dashboard Widgets, Extra Guests, All Automations, Mind Maps & Timeline Views, Advanced Time Tracking Workload starting at $9/user/month, billed annually. 


Everything from the Business plan plus contract review & HIPAA, Advanced Permissions, Advanced Workload, Extra Automation, and much more. But, to get this plan, you need to contact their sales manager. 

Why did we move from to ClickUp?

We rely on ClickUp for various reasons, such as:-

We can also integrate apps with it, and that’s how we keep connected to Slack, our checkout software, and more. 

Seahawk’s switch from to ClickUp

To connect our customer relationship management (CRM) to our project management tool, we decided to switch from to ClickUp. That way, when someone checked out of our website or sales closed an item, ClickUp instantly creates a project for us that went directly to an account manager.

The deadline and task list functionalities of ClickUp are pretty powerful, making task monitoring easier & due dates available for each project with a solid home and inbox go-to-points. 

Seahawk didn’t switch to ClickUp just because of the features mentioned above, but also due to the following –

  1. Aligned vision – ClickUp and Seahawk both have a similar vision for their company, “super passionate about their work, and making the world productive.”
  2. Channel partner – There are numerous benefits of becoming a channel partner of a productive app. Seahawk got the opportunity to reap the benefits of becoming the first channel partner of ClickUp.

The power of delegating subtasks and taking ownership

ClickUp also provides sub-tasks, which is useful for navigating more complicated demands. A excellent example of this is a company’s head of production’s time distribution strategy to prepare for YouTube video. Due to the head of production’s diligent sub tasking and planning, the YouTube video debuts on time. Team members in a particular project receive individual assignments with deadlines per sub-task in addition to the overall project criteria and due dates when using comments and deadlines for sub-tasks. Consider the benefits of this on a commercial scale.

Efficiency is a significant benefit of project management software

As we all know, corporate efficiency is largely reliant on aligning deliverables and meeting deadlines, particularly when a firm is in its early stages and each hour counts. 

Surprisingly, visual aids like as Gantt diagrams via ClickUp made a significant effect in this regard. They assisted people in determining who participated in work assignments within our teams and how those measurements helped us stay on track. The outcomes have been overwhelmingly good for us.

Overall, companies are quite happy with the decision to use ClickUp and has been doing so for about many years.

When managing remote teams is part of the scaling process

We hope that this blog post can aid in the long-term success of your company and enhance your learning more about managing remote teams or expanding a startup team

As we’ve seen, efficient procedures are obviously enhanced with the proper tools to allow for more agile workflows. And this makes task distribution easier, more visible, and more user-friendly for a company’s employees.

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