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LiveChat Review: Real-Time Connection for Better Customer Experience

Live Chat Review

Live chat is a pivotal real-time communication tool, facilitating seamless interaction between businesses and their clientele or website visitors. Embedded within websites or mobile applications, this instant messaging platform offers a swift and efficient means for users to pose queries, seek assistance, or engage with companies directly. As a cornerstone of modern customer service strategies, live chat epitomizes convenience and responsiveness. In this comprehensive LiveChat review, we delve into the intricacies of Live Chat, exploring its functionalities, effectiveness, and value proposition for businesses aiming to enhance customer engagement and satisfaction. 

About LiveChat

Live Chat revolutionizes brand customer service by leveraging advanced text communication analysis, enrichment, and automation. Through LiveChat’s premier software, businesses swiftly connect website visitors to support personnel via an intuitive chat box interface. 

Distinguishing itself from competitors, LiveChat commits fully to live chat functionality, offering extensive customization and seamless integration across online channels within a unified dashboard. Despite its efficacy, the platform’s costliness may challenge enterprises with numerous support agents. 

Nonetheless, Live Chat remains an unparalleled solution for delivering exceptional customer service at scale, ensuring heightened satisfaction and retention for brands worldwide.

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Who Should Use Live Chat?

LiveChat Review

Emerging as a crucial element in modern communication strategies, live chat facilitates seamless interaction between businesses and their clientele or website visitors in real time.

Here is who should be using it –

  • E-commerce platforms desiring real-time customer support for seamless shopping experiences
  • Service providers seeking instant resolution of client inquiries for enhanced satisfaction
  • SaaS companies prioritizing live technical assistance for users’ software-related issues
  • Websites or mobile apps targeting diverse audiences requiring direct engagement options
  • Businesses committed to elevating customer service through convenient and responsive communication channels

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Key Features of Live Chat

Discover the essential functionalities that set Live Chat apart and empower businesses to deliver exceptional customer support.

Live Chat Review: Customer Support

LiveChat’s customer support solution excels in providing instant connection between website visitors and support staff through its robust live chatbot software. Unlike many helpdesk platforms, LiveChat prioritizes this feature, offering extensive customization options and seamless integration of messages from various online channels into a unified dashboard. However, its pricing may be challenging for businesses with multiple support agents, as it can be relatively expensive. Despite this drawback, LiveChat remains a top choice for those seeking comprehensive live chat functionality to enhance customer support operations.

Live Chat Review: Integrations

LiveChat Review

LiveChat’s integration capabilities significantly enhance its versatility. The chat box facilitates seamless file sharing, link/button sharing, and calendar scheduling, alongside the convenience of canned responses for swift addressing of common queries. 

Moreover, LiveChat simplifies inter-agent chat transfers, particularly beneficial for businesses with diverse departmental specialities. 

Notably, it seamlessly aggregates messages from various business platforms, allowing for unified management. Even under the Starter subscription, LiveChat supports multiple website and mobile app usage. Integration extends to importing messages from Facebook Messenger, email, SMS, and Apple Business Chat, effortlessly streamlining support request management.

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Live Chat Review: Plans & Pricing

LiveChat Review

LiveChat offers three basic plans:

  • Starter plan: $20 per agent per month (annual subscription)
  • Team plan: $41 per agent per month
  • Business plan: $59 per agent per month

The Starter plan, priced at $20 per agent per month (annual subscription), offers robust features, albeit with limitations such as a 60-day chat history retention. Subscription options include a 12-month plan at $24 per month ($288 total). 

Stepping up, the Team plan, at $41 per agent per month, unlocks unlimited chat archiving, tagging, and file sharing. For enhanced functionalities, the Business plan, priced at $59 per agent per month, integrates SMS messaging and advanced reporting. A single sign-on option can also be added for $20 per agent. Larger enterprises can explore custom pricing under the Enterprise plan. A 14-day free trial of the Team plan is available for testing purposes.

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Live Chat Review: Support

LiveChat’s commitment to customer support shines through its exceptional assistance. Utilizing their product, the company delivers round-the-clock live chat support, ensuring prompt and effective resolution of queries. Furthermore, their online help center impresses with its wealth of information. The tutorials are comprehensive, accompanied by step-by-step guidance and illustrative screenshots, enhancing user understanding and proficiency in utilizing LiveChat’s functionalities.

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Live Chat Review: Security

LiveChat Review

LiveChat prioritizes the security of user accounts with robust measures. Utilizing 256-bit encryption, all chats remain protected against unauthorized access. While two-factor authentication is available for Team and Business users, extending this feature to all users would be preferable. 

Administrators retain control by limiting the number of concurrent IP addresses accessing LiveChat, and thwarting unauthorized usage of support lines. To safeguard customer information, credit card numbers are automatically masked during chats and are not archived alongside other chat history data. These measures collectively ensure a secure and trusted environment for users and customers.

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How Seahawk Uses Live Chat

Recently, our team experienced such a scenario when a prospective agency lead initiated a chat session on our website. Amid their browsing, the lead encountered a query and sought immediate clarification. 

Thanks to LiveChat, our team swiftly responded, addressing their concerns in real-time. This prompt interaction alleviated any uncertainties the lead had and cultivated a sense of trust and reliability in our brand.

Here is what we are using Live Chat for – 

  • Prompt response to website visitors’ queries in real-time
  • Ability to address concerns and uncertainties instantly
  • Cultivates trust and reliability in the brand
  • Seamless interaction with prospective agency leads
  • Immediate clarification was provided during the browsing experience
  • Real-time support enhances the overall customer experience
  • A proactive approach to engaging with potential clients
  • Live Chat facilitates timely and efficient communication
  • Demonstrates commitment to exceptional customer service
  • Leverages technology to foster positive client relationships


Live Chat is an indispensable tool for modern businesses, bridging the gap between companies and their customers through real-time, personalized communication. Its seamless integration, robust security features, and comprehensive customer support solidify LiveChat’s position as a premier solution for enhancing customer engagement and satisfaction. By leveraging Live Chat’s capabilities, businesses can cultivate trust, foster positive relationships, and deliver exceptional service, ultimately driving customer loyalty and growth in an increasingly competitive landscape.

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