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accessiBe Review: Best Solution for Web Accessibility and ADA Compliance

accessiBe Review

Ever wondered why accessibility is a must-have feature for your website’s success? Well, wonder no more! In this accessiBe review, we’ll delve into why prioritizing accessibility on your website is crucial and why accessiBe is our chosen platform to achieve it.

Stay with us to know more about its features and learn how accessiBe tackles accessibility barriers, making websites more inclusive for all users. 

Whether you’re a seasoned developer, a business professional, or simply passionate about inclusive online experiences, this review will provide insights into accessiBe – a solution touted for its prowess in web accessibility and ADA compliance

accessiBe: #1 Web  Accessibility Solutions  for WCAG & ADA Compliance

accessiBe, the leading provider of web accessibility solutions embodies a vision to “make the internet accessible, inclusive & equitable.” With a staggering 247,778 websites worldwide relying on its services, accessiBe is the indisputable market leader. 


Utilizing patented AI-powered technology, it boasts the highest success rate in achieving WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1), ADA (the Americans with Disabilities Act) compliance and Section 508 for the US.

It is also guided by the insights from the disability community, continually refining and enhancing its offerings to ensure they meet diverse needs. Furthermore, accessiBe prioritizes security and privacy, adhering to SOC2-compliant measures. 

Simply put, choosing accessiBe means opting for unparalleled technology, community-led solutions, and utmost security in web accessibility.

accessiBe Review: Overview of Key Features

So, why is accessiBe our #1 choice, and how has it significantly enhanced our website? Let’s check out its key features that have transformed our website for the better and made accessibility a breeze. 


accessWidget by accessiBe is a revolutionary tool that simplifies web accessibility and compliance through advanced AI, machine learning, and computer vision. 


It employs two applications to work in tandem. The accessibility interface handles UI and design adjustments, while the AI-powered process addresses complex requirements like optimization for screen readers and keyboard navigation.

Here’s how the Remediation process works:

  • Add installation code to your website.
  • accessWidget instantly appears, initiating AI scanning and analysis.
  • The AI identifies and fixes inaccessible code.
  • Daily scans ensure ongoing fixes for updated content.

And that’s not all! The widget includes an “Accessibility Statement & Certificate,” providing a PDF summary of the website’s remediations, delivered to you via email.

The World’s Most Robust Accessibility Interface 

accessWidget boasts the world’s most robust accessibility interface, empowering users to tailor website design and UI to their unique needs or disabilities without impacting other visitors. 


Key Interface Features

  • Stop Animations for Epilepsy
  • Contrast Setting for Vision Impairments
  • Reading Mode for Cognitive Disorders
  • Quick Navigation for Motor Impairments
  • Orientation Adjustments
  • Content Adjustments
  • Display Adjustments

Users can choose from predefined disability profiles or customize individual adjustments such as font size or color contrast. Profiles like “Vision Impaired” activate relevant adjustments simultaneously.

Bundled combinations address specific disabilities like seizures, vision impairments, ADHD, cognitive disorders, and motor impairments for seamless accessibility. Furthermore, with accessWidget, accessibility knows no bounds. It offers support in 20 languages to ensure compliance with various legislations and regulations worldwide.

AI-Powered Screen-Reader and Keyboard  Navigation 

accessiBe’s AI revolutionizes web accessibility by efficiently handling complex adjustments such as screen-reader optimization and keyboard navigation. Leveraging image recognition and OCR technologies, accessWidget also ensures comprehensive accessibility compliance. 

  • Screen-reader Optimization: The AI analyzes website elements, learns their purpose, and implements precise code adjustments. This helps convey visual content effectively to blind users using screen readers.
  • Image Recognition and OCR: accessWidget scans images, extracts embedded text using OCR, and learns object composition using IRIS technology. Thereby providing accurate alternative text for blind users and enhancing their browsing experience.
  • Ongoing Compliance: With daily rescans, accessWidget ensures continued compliance amidst website updates and changes, remedying any accessibility issues promptly.
  • Fixing Common Accessibility Challenges: From popups to forms, menus to icons, accessWidget’s AI identifies and addresses common accessibility barriers, ensuring seamless navigation and interaction for all users.

By automating these processes, accessiBe’s AI-powered solutions make web accessibility efficient, affordable, and sustainable for businesses of all sizes.

Security,  Privacy  & Performance 

With servers based in the USA and military-grade security measures, accessiBe ensures above-industry-level encryption and protection. It prioritizes security, privacy, and performance, implementing best security practices to safeguard users and websites.


Key Security Practices and Features include:

  • Data encryption during transmission and storage
  • Support for data loss prevention
  • Fail-safe ready servers in Europe
  • Weekly vulnerability checks and audits
  • Daily manual and automatic malware scans

It adheres to SOC2-compliant standards. This guarantees robust security and privacy controls, reflecting accessiBe’s unwavering commitment to excellence. What’s more, accessWidget also loads asynchronously within an impressive 0.2 seconds, ensuring quick loading times for users.

Add-on Services For Your accessWidget  License


accessiBe offers add-on services to enhance the value of your accessWidget license. This includes:

  • Monthly Accessibility Remediation Report: Receive a detailed PDF report showcasing accessWidget’s changes to your website pages for accessibility. The report includes code examples, screenshots, and statistics, providing valuable insights into the improvements made.
  • Analytics Integration: Automatically track accessWidget user interactions as events in your Google Analytics account. Gain visibility into how users engage with accessibility features on your website without any setup required.
  • Advanced SLA & Priority Expert Support: Enjoy priority support via email, chat, phone, or video conferencing platforms like Zoom or Teams. Gain direct access to accessibility & integration experts and solution engineers, ensuring prompt resolution of any issues you encounter.

accessiBe vs Other Accessibility Plugins/Services

When it comes to web accessibility, accessiBe stands out as a leading solution with its comprehensive features and user-friendly approach. Let’s compare accessiBe with other accessibility plugins and services.

AspectaccessiBeOther Plugins/Services
ComplianceWCAG 2.1, ADA, s508 & moreVaried compliance options
TurnaroundUp to 48 hours from installationVaries
PricingStarts at $490/yearFree to low cost plugin subscriptions
$5,000 – $50,000/year for services.
Success RateIndustry’s highest success rateVaries
MaintenanceRe-scanning every 24 hoursManual maintenance required
accessiBe vs Other Accessibility Plugins/Services

Top Benefits of accessiBe

Still not convinced whether accessiBe is the right choice for your website accessibility and ADA compliance needs? Here are the key benefits of accessiBe that will help you make an informed decision.

  • AI-Powered Accessibility Solution: Leveraging advanced AI technology, accessiBe ensures efficient and effective web accessibility solutions tailored to individual user needs.
  • Compliance with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG): accessiBe ensures websites meet WCAG standards, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility for all users.
  • User-Friendly Interface: With an intuitive interface, accessiBe makes it effortless for users to navigate and customize accessibility tools according to their preferences.
  • Customizable Accessibility Tools: Users can personalize accessibility settings such as font size, color contrast, and more, ensuring a tailored browsing experience.
  • Continuous Monitoring and Updates: accessiBe continuously monitors websites for accessibility issues and implements updates to ensure ongoing compliance and improvements.
  • Compatibility with Different Platforms: Whether it’s desktop, mobile, or tablet, accessiBe is compatible across various platforms, ensuring accessibility across all devices.
  • Scalability for Large Websites: accessiBe’s solutions are scalable, making them suitable for websites of all sizes, from small businesses to large corporations.
  • Implementation and Support: accessiBe offers implementation support and ongoing assistance, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free integration process for website owners.

accessiBe Cost and Pricing

accessiBe offers a free trial of accessWidget with no strings attached. Simply open an account, install the code, and have accessWidget up and running on your website in just 5 minutes.


Here’s a brief overview of accessiBe’s pricing options:

  • Standard: $490/year for websites with under 1,000 pages.
  • Advanced: $1,490/year for websites with under 10,000 pages or premium extra add-ons.
  • Advanced Plus: $3,490/year for websites with under 100,000 pages or premium extra add-ons.
  • Enterprise: Websites with over 100K monthly visits require the Enterprise plan. Prices are based on page count and add-on features. This plan includes extra premium and enterprise addons with features like testing accounts, solution engineering, single-sign-on (SSO), and custom legal terms.


For websites, accessiBe is the ultimate solution for web accessibility and ADA compliance. From comprehensive compliance with WCAG & ADA standards to quick turnaround times and industry-leading success rates, accessiBe sets the standard for accessibility solutions.

Its AI-powered technology offers a seamless and efficient approach to making websites inclusive for all users. Whereas, its user-friendly interface, continuous monitoring, and affordable pricing make it accessible to businesses of all sizes.

In short, by choosing accessiBe, website owners not only ensure compliance but also prioritize inclusivity. Thus, making their website and the internet a more accessible & equitable space for everyone.

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