A robust WordPress hosting solution is the cornerstone upon which the success of agencies, e-commerce ventures, businesses, and side hustlers is built. With over two decades of hosting experience, 20i boasts a rich legacy that has been refined over time. This extensive background sets the stage for hosting solutions that are not only technologically advanced but also deeply rooted in a profound understanding of the digital landscape.

With a steadfast commitment to delivering excellence, 20i offers a suite of hosting solutions that cater to a spectrum of requirements. From the Reseller Hosting platform that empowers entrepreneurs to forge their hosting ventures, to the pinnacle of Managed Cloud Hosting that harnesses the power of cloud infrastructure, 20i leaves no stone unturned in meeting the multifaceted demands of the digital era.

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As WordPress continues to reign as the go-to platform for websites of all types, understanding the capabilities of a specialized hosting solution for it becomes paramount. We will peel back the layers of 20i’s Managed WordPress Hosting, exploring its features, performance benchmarks, support offerings, and the overall value it brings to the table. 

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20i Hosting

Features of 20i Managed WordPress Hosting

Designed to seamlessly integrate cutting-edge technology with user-centric functionalities, this hosting solution offers an impressive array of features that elevate your WordPress experience to unparalleled heights. Let’s explore their vast WordPress hosting features. 

Unlimited WordPress Sites: Enjoy the freedom to manage and host an unlimited number of WordPress websites under a single account, all while maintaining optimal performance.

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Expert UK WordPress Support 24 x 7: Embark on your digital journey with confidence, knowing that a team of seasoned WordPress experts stands ready around the clock to address your queries and concerns, ensuring a seamless experience.

FREE Automatic Backups: The safeguarding of your data is paramount. 20i’s automatic backup system ensures your valuable content remains secure, granting you peace of mind in the face of unexpected challenges.

Unlimited x 10 GB Mailboxes: Manage your communication effortlessly with unlimited mailboxes, each boasting a generous 10 GB storage capacity, facilitating efficient correspondence within your digital ecosystem.

Unlimited Databases: Fuel your web projects without constraints. 20i’s Managed WordPress Hosting allows for the creation of unlimited databases, accommodating your growing data needs.

Unlimited & Free Migrations: Seamlessly transition your existing WordPress websites to 20i’s platform without hassle. The promise of unlimited, free WordPress migration ensures a smooth switch to enhanced hosting.

FREE SSL Certificates: Secure your digital interactions effortlessly with complimentary SSL certificates, instilling trust among your visitors and enhancing your website’s security posture.

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Web Acceleration Suite: Elevate your website’s loading speed and performance with the Web Acceleration Suite, designed to optimize content delivery and enhance user experiences.

FREE WordPress Cloning: Replicate your websites effortlessly for development or testing purposes, streamlining your workflow and ensuring a seamless experience for your visitors.

Advanced DDoS Protection: Shield your websites from potential cyber threats with advanced Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection, ensuring uninterrupted accessibility.

Anti-Bot Protection: Safeguard your digital assets against malicious bot activities, preserving your website’s functionality and performance.

PCI Compliant Hosting: For those engaged in e-commerce, enjoy the benefits of PCI compliance, ensuring the security of online transactions and safeguarding sensitive customer data.

FREE 20iCDN: Enhance your website’s global reach and loading speed with the included 20i Content Delivery Network (CDN), optimized for optimal content delivery.

SSH and SFTP Access: Enjoy secure access to your server with SSH and SFTP protocols, allowing for seamless file transfers and management.

Unlimited PHP Workers: Facilitate concurrent requests and optimize your website’s performance with the freedom of unlimited PHP workers.

Optimized PHP-FPM: Embrace the power of optimized PHP-FPM, enhancing your website’s PHP processing efficiency and performance.

PHP OPCache: Accelerate your website by caching PHP opcode, reducing server load and enhancing response times.

Full DNS Management: Retain complete control over your domain’s DNS settings, ensuring seamless integration and accessibility.

Integrated Git Version Control: Streamline your development workflow with integrated Git version control, allowing for efficient collaboration and code management.

99.99% Uptime Guarantee: Rely on the stability of your digital foundation, as 20i pledges an impressive 99.99% uptime guarantee, ensuring your websites are accessible when it matters most.

20i Hosting features

20i’s Easy WordPress Management Breakdown

20i redefines the landscape of control with an array of user-friendly tools designed to simplify even the most intricate tasks. Let’s delve into these features that ensure your WordPress management experience is nothing short of extraordinary:

Built-in Analytics: 20i’s Managed WordPress Hosting equips you with built-in analytics tools that monitor critical data for all your WordPress sites. From bandwidth usage and disk I/O to load averages and more, stay informed about the performance metrics that matter most.

Simple Cloud Server Management: The intuitive and user-friendly dashboard lets you swiftly spin up servers, launch or pause sites, and effortlessly install scripts. The complexities of cloud server management are distilled into a straightforward experience.

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Login Security: 20i prioritizes your site’s security with a suite of measures including two-factor authentication, an FTP security lock, brute force login protection through StackProtect, and IP address/country blocking. These features unite to thwart unauthorized access to your control panel and files.

Time-Saving Dev Tools: 20i’s Managed WordPress Hosting comes packed with an arsenal of time-saving developer tools. Enjoy the power of WP-CLI for efficient command-line management, SSH access for secure server interaction, SFTP/FTP for seamless file transfers, PHP version control to tailor your environment, phpMyAdmin for simplified database management, PHP configuration to fine-tune settings, and scheduled scripts to automate tasks – all at your fingertips.

20i WordPress Management

20i’s WordPress Tools

WordPress Staging: Perfect before you present. With WordPress staging, 20i empowers you to create a safe and isolated environment where you can experiment with updates, plugins, themes, and designs. Refine your changes away from the live site, ensuring a polished presentation to your audience.

WordPress Manager: 20i’s integrated WordPress Manager puts you in the driver’s seat of your websites. Seamlessly manage core installations, plugins, and themes across multiple WordPress instances, all from a centralized interface.

StackCache Optimization: 20i’s StackCache optimization turbocharges WordPress performance by strategically caching content, delivering swift responses to your visitors, and enhancing their browsing experience.

Auto Core Updates: 20i’s commitment to security and performance shines through with automatic core updates for WordPress. Stay current with the latest features, enhancements, and security patches without the hassle.

WP-CLI and Dev Tools: Access the power of the WordPress Command Line Interface (WP-CLI) for efficient management and scripting. Combined with an array of developer tools, including SSH access, SFTP/FTP, and PHP version control, you have the foundation to craft digital wonders.

WordPress Checksum Report: 20i offers a WordPress checksum report that ensures the integrity of your WordPress installation. Detect discrepancies, ensuring that your files remain untampered and your website secure.

Incorporating these tools into your WordPress arsenal transforms your management experience. From optimizing performance to safeguarding integrity, 20i’s tools cater to both the visionary creator and the meticulous developer. The result? A refined, powerful, and efficient WordPress environment that adapts to your pace, elevating your journey in the digital realm.

Pricing & Plan Breakdown

20i’s pricing structure is designed with meticulous attention to detail, catering to a diverse spectrum of digital needs. Let’s take a look at the plan variations:

1. Micro Plan – £9.99/month

2. Small Plan – £19.99/month

3. Medium Plan – £39.99/month

4. Large Plan – £79.99/month

5. X Large Plan – £119.99/month

6. 2X Large Plan – £229.99/month

7. 4X Large Plan – £399.99/month


20i’s legacy of expertise, diverse solutions, and commitment to excellence make them a force to be reckoned with. From WordPress to Magento, Laravel to Joomla!, they stand ready to empower your aspirations with unwavering performance and support.

Now, the adventure beckons – a journey that promises speed, security, and success. It’s time to experience the 20i difference. Take the first step towards an exceptional hosting experience. Try 20i’s hosting now and embrace a future where your digital ambitions thrive.

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