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Case Study: Sigma Group

Case Study - Sigma Group

In the ever-changing world, it’s essential to evolve constantly. And especially for website owners, it’s important to keep in touch with digital trends and enhance their websites accordingly. Whether you have an e-commerce platform or corporate solution services for multiple clients, your website displays the essence of your brand. 

Keeping this in mind, Sigma Group reached out to Seahawk for WordPress development and web design.  They wanted a website conversion for their two websites, and  

We tend to keep our Figma to WordPress conversion process highly detailed. Our team ensures that every design is pixel-perfect at every step. So, today, we will show you some highlights about our client, Sigma Project, where we converted a Figma design to WordPress and rebuilt two websites. 

About The Company

Founded by Nuria Gómez in Madrid in 2002, Sigma Corporate Solutions (formerly Tax Planning) is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs, SMEs, and large companies in building profitable and sustainable businesses. 

As part of the Sigma Group, which also includes Sigma AI and Sigma Cognition, each branch of the company maintains its unique focus while collectively working towards the common goal of helping businesses scale and develop innovative, competitive projects

Problem Statement

The client, Sigma Group, wanted a complete makeover for their websites. After trying out multiple developers who failed to deliver the results, they approached our team for this project, expecting a seamless and professional website conversion and rebuild.

In addition to custom design and site development, they aimed to create a website that resonates with their brand and conveys their commitment to bringing competitive, cutting-edge projects to life. 

Our Solution

Let’s look at how our Seahawk team brought viable solutions for the problem statement by the client:

Figma To WordPress Conversion Approach

As the Sigma Group approached us, we set a meeting with them to understand all their project goals and requirements. During the meeting with the client, our team took notes of all the conditions and gathered all the significant project details. After the discussion, the team decided on WordPress conversion for the client site, i.e., Figma for WordPress conversion. 

  1. Analysis and Planning: We started by analyzing the Figma designs provided by Sigma Group. The team took their time to understand the layout, functionality and user interactions intended by the designers. We make sure all elements are correctly interpreted for an accurate and smooth conversion.
  2. Pixel Perfect Conversion: Ensuring the WordPress site mirrors the Figma designs is very important. We pay attention to every detail to ensure a perfect pixel conversion, maintaining design integrity across all devices and screen sizes.
  3. Responsive Design: Our team ensures the converted WordPress site is fully responsive, to provide an optimal viewing experience on desktops, tablets and mobiles.
  4. Custom Theme Development: We developed a custom WordPress theme for Sigma Group to suit their needs. This involved coding the theme from scratch to produce clean, efficient code that improves site performance and scalability.
  5. Integration of Advanced Features: We integrated advanced features and functionalities to the WordPress site based on the requirements gathered. This included custom plugins, interactive elements and third-party integrations to meet Sigma Group’s goals.
  6. Quality Assurance and Testing: Before deployment we tested the site thoroughly to ensure it works flawlessly. This includes responsiveness, browser compatibility and overall user experience.
  7. Ongoing Support and Maintenance: After launch we offered continuous support and maintenance services to Sigma Group. This ensures their WordPress site remains updated and secure and performs optimally.


Sigma Group Design

For Sigma Group’s case study, we successfully designed brand new websites on WordPress and Elementor, precisely following the client’s design. Our collaborative effort between designers and developers resulted in outstanding rebuilds and designs that met the client’s initial specifications.

The outcome? A user-friendly website carefully crafted for easy navigation and clear presentation of Sigma Group’s corporate solutions and their business values through both their websites. Our team prioritized top enterprise standards, providing well-structured code for smooth site functionality and easy management.

Moreover, our dedication to responsive design ensured the website’s compatibility and optimal performance across various devices. This was followed by rigorous testing across different web browsers to guarantee flawless operation.

Site Optimization

We didn’t stop there. Recognizing the importance of site optimization, we optimized WordPress site speed, ensuring lightning-fast loading times for a seamless user experience.  

Website performance on desktop
Website performance on mobile

Key Optimization Steps:

  • Image Optimization: We compressed and optimized all images on the Sigma Group site without losing quality. This reduced the load time and overall site performance.
  • Minification of CSS and JavaScript: We minified CSS and JavaScript files, removing unnecessary code and reducing file sizes. This speeds up site load times and rendering.
  • Browser Caching: This was a must. We stored static files on the user’s browser so they don’t need to reload them every time they visit, thus speeding up the site.
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN) Integration: We integrated a CDN to distribute the content globally so users get faster load times no matter where they are in the world.
  • Lazy Loading: We implemented lazy loading for images and videos. This means media files are only loaded when they’re about to enter the viewport, reducing initial load time and bandwidth.
  • Database Optimisation: Regular database optimization was done to clean up unnecessary data, which helped maintain quick query response times and overall site speed.

After implementing these optimization techniques, we significantly improved the site’s performance metrics.

Results Achieved

We, as a team of professionals, are very keen on obtaining exceptional results for our clients. We make sure that the results don’t only match but exceed their expectations. This is why we have a team of skilled WordPress developers and designated project managers for each client. 

Our experienced project managers make sure to take in all the feedback and suggestions throughout the conversion and end-design process. 

As a result of our two weeks of hard work, we managed to build fresh, visually appealing, and fully functional websites for Sigma Group: and 

Our results matched the client’s expectations and earned us an appreciation for our website rebuilds in WordPress, efficiency, and top-notch QA process. In the end, the client got two great website redesigns, with significant improvements in website load speed and overall website functionality.   

Client Feedback 

At Seahawk, we believe that a project is successful when the client is happy and satisfied with the end results. That helps us build and maintain long-term relationships with our clients and help them with future projects, if any. 

After we completed the site work, the client was quite satisfied and happy with the result, especially with the time delivery and quality of the web development; the client shared their feedback: 

Excellent delivery- as promised and more!

“After working with offshore dev companies that didn’t deliver on time or at the quality I was hoping for, I was happy to discover Seahawk. I’ve used them for two website builds in WordPress and was impressed with their efficiency and QA process. We used Slack to communicate, and they kept me informed throughout the process. They also did Site Optimization on an existing site for me, and we saw a significant improvement in page load time. Very impressed at the consistency and quality they have delivered.”

The client also opted for our Seacare annual plan for a year for both sites, where we provide comprehensive WordPress maintenance options that will help maintain existing customers and attract potential leads.  

Wrapping Up

At Seahawk, we are committed to getting great results for every project. Similarly, we aimed to exceed the client’s expectations for Sigma Group by focusing on custom WordPress design, development, and rebuilding. The outcome was a website that met but exceeded the client’s expectations.

The success of this and every project we take on helps us add to the significance of prioritizing client needs and assembling the right team to tackle even the most complex projects.

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