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Case Study: London Media Lounge

Maintaining a strong and unique online presence is significant, especially for creative media agencies. You buy what you see, they say. In this case, WordPress websites need to be visually appealing to attract users and, most importantly, establish a brand identity. 

At Seahawk, our Figma to WordPress conversion process goes beyond meticulous. We ensure pixel-perfect design with absolute precision throughout every stage. 

So, let’s take you through one of our projects for London Media Lounge, where we worked on a Figma to WordPress conversion along with customer UI design and development. 

About Client

Problem Statement

Problem Statement

The client, London Media Lounge, approached our team to revamp their Wix website along with Figma to WordPress conversion, which is seamless and professional. Additionally, they wanted us to work on custom UI design and site development. They want to create a site that resonates with their brand and speaks volumes about their creative services and vision. 

Project Type and Solution 

During the meeting with the client, our team of professionals understood all the requirements and gathered all the major project details. After the discussion, the team suggested a custom UI and Figma for WordPress conversion. 

After a brief meeting with the client, our team got a clear picture of what was needed. We decided on a custom design and used Figma to turn the design into a WordPress site. WordPress was our choice because it’s easy to use and flexible, which is perfect for creating a site that meets all the client’s requirements. 

Our designers and developers teamed up to create some great pages and designs for the website to meet the client’s requirements. 

The result was a straightforward, easy-to-navigate website designed to clearly display the agency’s services, packages, and studio details. 

  • The team worked with well-structured code adhering to the top standards in the industry, ensuring the client’s site ran smoothly, and its code was easy to manage. 
  • The team worked on building a design that looks great and works well on any device, thanks to our commitment to responsive design.
  • We also performed a series of tests to make sure the site performs flawlessly across different web browsers.
  • Prioritizing site optimization, we redefine WordPress site speed. The team ensured the site loads lightning efficiently, guaranteeing a seamless user experience.

Thanks to our commitment to responsive design, every website we build is designed to look great and work well on any device. We also test extensively to make sure your site performs flawlessly across different web browsers.

Additionally, we made sure the site would be easy to find online by implementing SEO for the site. Our goal was to improve its search engine ranking with targeted keywords and optimize important site elements like meta tags and descriptions. 


Seahawk and its team are very keen on bringing out results that match and, most importantly, exceed the client’s expectations. This is why our team works closely with the client, taking in all the feedback and suggestions throughout the conversion and end-design process. 

We created a standout website for that captured the essence of their brand and boosted their online visibility.

The client loved the result, praising the site’s beautiful design, easy navigation, and the smooth addition of their desired features like service buttons and CTA’s.  

Long-term Relationship

The success of any project is determined by the long-term relationship fostered between our team and the client. After we completed the site work, the client was quite satisfied and happy with the result, especially with the UI. Upon seeing good results, the client shared their feedback: 

“Seahawk Media’s efforts increased customer bookings and improved loading speed. They fostered a positive working environment, maintained continuous communication, and were receptive to feedback. The team was always on time, ready to assist, and easy to work with.”

Happy with the results, the client also opted for our WordPress Support and maintenance services, which include website maintenance, security checks, and regular updates so that the website remains updated with industry standards and trends. 


For every project we take here at Seahawk, we are committed to bringing out the best results for the clients. Throughout our work with London Media, we aimed to deliver a website that exceeds clients’ expectations. By collating our focus on custom WordPress design and development and stunning UI, we achieved some excellent results that matched the client’s initial problem statement. 

This shows the importance of putting clients first and working with the right team for even the most complex projects. 

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