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How To Defer Parsing Of JavaScript In WordPress?

You may have encountered PageSpeed Insights warning of “Defer Parsing of JavaScript” while running a website speed test. Here’s how to accomplish it easily in WordPress. Defer JavaScript in WordPress There are three main routes you can take to defer the parsing of JavaScript within WordPress. A WordPress plugin would offer a great solution to […]

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How To Reduce Cumulative Layout Shift In WordPress

The Cumulative Layout Shift is a Core Web Vital indicator that evaluates the degree to which a page maintains its visual consistency. The number of unexpected layout alterations without the user engaging with the website determines the level of visual stability. Every time the page’s content changes, the layout is considered to have changed, even […]

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How To Get Your WordPress Site Listed In Google News?

With Google News, readers are given easy access to timely news from around the world in a way designed to make it as easy as possible for them to read, understand, and use the information they are given. What is Google News? Google News has become one of the most popular news aggregators on the […]

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Best WordPress CRM Plugins For 2022

Managing the customer relationship (CRM) is integrated into keeping in touch with your clients and potential clients and working on your interactions and relationships with them. The first thing that comes to mind is how great it would be if there were WordPress CRM plugins that would allow you to integrate customer relationship management right […]

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Best WordPress Development Agency In India

On the hunt for the best WordPress development agency? You need not worry any longer. We have compiled a list of the finest WordPress development companies for you below. Continue reading to find out. WordPress is the driving force behind successful websites. It’s the most popular platform for SEO websites on the web and mobile devices. […]

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How To Setup Headless WordPress In 2022?

Using a headless WordPress solution, you can keep your website’s front and back end completely distinct. This method allows you to produce static copies of your website, which significantly reduces loading times when the website is accessed. We’ll discuss how to setup & build headless WordPress and how it operates later in this piece. After […]

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Typecho vs. WordPress

Here we will discuss the difference between Typecho vs. WordPress. Developers first test blog platforms before they are officially released and launched. Choosing a suitable blog platform is one of the most important things when it comes to creating a blog website. In addition to the website positioning, development planning, content construction, and profitability, this […]

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How To Convert Adobe XD Design To WordPress Website?

XD Design is getting popular these days. The method of converting Adobe XD to WordPress is something to look out for. We have the complete guide with detailed information about converting Adobe XD to WordPress. But before that, let us begin from the beginning and understand what XD Design is.  What does XD Design mean? […]

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Fix “The Content Area Was Not Found On Your Page” Issue With Elementor

Are you getting an issue on your Elementor website that says there is a missing content area? When you run into an issue of this kind, you will get an error notice that reads, “The content area was not found on your page.” It is one of the faults that occur most often in Elementor. This problem […]

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