Plugin And Themes Auto-Updates

In today’s digital landscape, updating your website is essential for security, performance, and compatibility reasons. WordPress offers a convenient auto-update feature, allowing you to automatically update plugins and themes to the latest versions. In this blog post, we will walk you through enabling and managing auto-updates for plugins and themes in WordPress, ensuring your website stays secure and up to date.

Enable Auto-Updates for Themes

To enable auto-updates for Themes, follow these steps:

Enable Auto-Updates for Plugins 

Enabling auto-updates for plugins is just as easy. Here’s how you can do it:

Bulk Enable/Disable Plugins Auto-Updates 

To save time and manage multiple plugins at once, you can use the bulk action selector:

When Do Themes and Plugins Auto-Updates Happen? 

By default, WordPress runs auto-updates twice per day. To check when the next scheduled update will occur:

Email Notifications after Plugins and Themes Auto-Update Attempts

WordPress sends email notifications to keep you informed about auto-updates. You’ll receive emails in the following cases:

Advice & Troubleshooting

To ensure a smooth auto-update experience, consider the following advice and troubleshooting tips: 

Perform Regular Automatic Backups of Your Website

Before enabling auto-updates, make sure you have a backup strategy in place. Use automatic backup plugins to schedule regular backups of your WordPress database and files, providing a safety net for any unforeseen issues during the update process.

Auto-Updates Are Not Available

If you don’t see the auto-update controls on your Plugins/Themes admin screens, ensure you use WordPress version 5.5 or above. Additionally, check if your hosting company or a plugin has deactivated the feature.

Auto-Updates Are Not Working

If auto-updates are not functioning correctly, it could be due to WordPress Cron tasks or other factors. Check the Tools > Site Health screen for error messages related to WordPress Cron tasks. Troubleshoot and resolve any issues accordingly.


Enabling and managing auto-updates for plugins and themes in WordPress is an effective way to keep your website secure and up to date. Following the steps outlined in this guide, you can streamline the update process, stay informed about updates, and troubleshoot any potential issues. Embrace auto-updates’ power and ensure your WordPress website remains optimized, secure, and compatible with the latest features and enhancements.

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