Seahawk Virtual Town Flock | A Productive Get-Together


After every quarter of continuous operations, Seahawk holds a Quarterly Town Flock. Here, every member of Team Seahawk explores every milestone achieved in the previous quarter and plans for efficient strategies for the upcoming quarter. So, as per tradition, we had our Q3-Q4 Town Flock on 5th October 2021. Here is a summarized view of the energetic and effective event.

Addressing Notes From Ryan and Gautam

Our leaders give the initial push to the meeting with their vision for Seahawk. They inspire the employees by describing the company’s journey to the current high position starting from a very ground level. It somehow always gives an adrenaline rush to everyone knowing how Seahawk became so established from Ryan starting it as a side hustle in his college and Gautam joining him with his venture named Sitecook.

Ryan and Gautam also explain the uniqueness of Seahawk’s business strategy that lets us grow at an impressive rate. We also get to know the remarkable success stories of the past quarter and the top-level leadership plans for the upcoming quarter. These charging words from our leaders indeed give an efficient start to the event.

The New Seahawk App Launch

This time, we were more than overwhelmed by the massive success of Seahawk. We have successfully launched our app platform for convenience in the operations between the company and the clients. Anyone willing to opt for the wide range of services from Seahawk can sign up to the Seahawk App and explore everything in detail.

You can check out every minute detail of our services with a clearer vision of how they can improve the reach of your business. After months of planning and immense hard work, our team has developed the smoothest platform for our dream project. Even a casual walkthrough on the app can make you impressed with the magnificent optimization of the platform. Hence, don’t miss checking out the eye-catching Seahawk App.

Q3 Analysis From All Departments

Now comes the next impressive part of the event. The success of Seahawk is the wholesome result of enormous efforts done by different departments. With that said, we must say that the most crucial contribution behind the success of every company is the dedication of its efficient employees. Hence, Seahawk never fails to appreciate the efforts of its hardworking employees from various departments. Like always, the heads of each department spoke about the achievements of their respective departments. And, everyone also enjoyed the heartfelt appreciation of the hardworking members behind them.

The Web Team has accomplished several impressive achievements with the heart and soul efforts of every team member. The Social Team has also maintained an appreciable consistency with the quality of their work besides remarkably improving the standards of their work quality and client relationships. The Content and SEO teams have also achieved several milestones regarding the quality of work and the pace in executing the projects. The HR department has also worked tirelessly to improve the operational structure of the company. And, it will indeed lead to achieving better efficiency at work.

Q4 Target Setting By All Departments

With a mindful recapitulation of the achievements of the past quarter by every department, everyone set the upcoming strategic targets. Keeping the efforts and outcomes in mind, every department sets various effective goals to achieve the next milestones in the upcoming quarter.

The Web Team has planned to ensure better performance by their team and to execute more high-level projects. The Social Team is planning to reach the peak level of their work to ensure the best reach of their clients’ businesses. The Content and SEO Teams are also motivated to achieve several impressive milestones. And, the HR department has set goals for improving the operation strategies for maximum productivity. Though every department has different targets depending on the diversity of their work, the wholesome target of all the departments is constantly pushing their limits to ensure maximum success for Seahawk.

Summing Up The Town Flock

It’s time to conclude our cheerful and happening Town Flock with positive vibes. This time, we had a small Q & session where the leadership answered some interesting questions from the members of Team Seahawk. It was a good encouragement to the lively interaction between the leadership team and other employees. Also, we planned for some productive strategies for the future to make the best remote working culture at Seahawk.
We are looking forward to setting a mark of achieving significant levels of success through the best remote working environment out there.

Special Shoutout To Spot

We must mention that we have been enjoying using Spot for our Town Flocks for quite some time. It is one of the best virtual office building platforms ever made. Attending the Town Flock on the Spot platform gives us a fantastic feeling of attending a physical office with our beloved colleagues. So, a big cheers to the whole team of Spot.
We are looking forward to having various cool updates in the future.

With that said, we are stepping into the final quarter of 2021 with a vision to achieve the best everywhere. Team Seahawk is ready to thrive for reaching beyond the sky.

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