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Google Penguin Update

Google penguin update

The Google ranking algorithm underwent an update in 2012 called “Penguin.” The update’s initial distribution had a significant impact on a lot of websites. Google created the update to combat web spam.

The Penguin update is now a component of the Google search engine’s fundamental algorithm. The Penguin algorithm is continuously updated; manual updates are no longer necessary.

What Does Penguin Update Do?

The Penguin update aims to improve search results for users while primarily targeting webspam. This increase was made possible by better technical website performance and quality content.

When compared to earlier algorithm updates, it is clear that the Panda Update is more likely to impact the rankings of an entire website or specific pages within it.

Google reports that the algorithm adjustment affected between 6 and 9 percent of all other accessible languages’ search requests and roughly 12 percent of all English language search requests. The impact on the search results was amply apparent as a result.

How to create Google Panda-Friendly Content?

Making sure that you create content that the Panda filter will appreciate and won’t threaten your website in the future is essential as you develop your website. Here’s how to create material that is Panda-friendly:

  • Each page should serve the user’s needs, not only increase its keyword ranking. To create content of the caliber your audience and Google desire, you should keep a specific buyer profile and stage of the buyer’s journey.
  • Check frequently for duplicate content.
  • Keep an eye on your ad ratio to ensure that too many ads do not negatively affect your page’s load time or user experience.
  • To ensure that the website is operating at its peak efficiency and providing the greatest user experience possible, employ Google Webmaster tools.

What types of web spam are challenged by the Penguin update?

The Google “quality guidelines” state numerous types of web spam exist. The following methods or features are listed as webspam in it:

  1. Unnatural links
  2. Artificial Linking
  3. Quick link growth

What can webmasters and SEOs do if the Penguin update causes any impact on their website?

Those who discover Penguin has impacted their website should start immediately evaluating the link structure. A devaluation may be brought on by incoming links from link farms or web catalogs, bad neighborhoods, or both. A warning from Google to webmasters via the Google Search Console about “unnatural links” is a crucial sign that the Penguin filter has been triggered.

Prior link-building activities should be closely examined and evaluated in this situation to lessen the effects of Google Penguin on the afflicted websites.

Webmasters can request the removal of the backlinks in writing to the websites that link to theirs. In addition, Google has provided a different option via the Disavow Tool. Backlinks can be formally declared invalid using the tool.


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