What is the most essential thing for building a successful brand?

For us, it’s the members of our Seahawk family.

As famously said by Steve Jobs, “Great things in business are never done by one person; they’re done by a team of people.” We, too, believe that wonderful thing can happen when there is teamwork and collaboration for achieving a common goal.

With Rob Thomas joining as a core member of our Seahawk family, achieving new heights has become unquestionably attainable for us. Rob has been a valuable member of the Seahawk family since the day we acquired SiteCook Enterprises. He joined us as a Business Development Intern and has been working closely with our COO, Gautam Khorana, on growth and expansion across segments. With his continuous hard work and work-life imbalance philosophy, he soon climbed up to the position of Head of Sales Ops & Partnerships and has since landed some of our largest accounts. 

We feel proud to share that even after being a full-time student at Liberty University, Rob balances his office tasks while studying on the weekend. Thus, he is getting full-hand business experience and proper education simultaneously. At Seahawk, his primary focus consists of prospecting and nurturing potential opportunities, working with partners, inbound and outbound marketing, directing sales processes and culture, operations/business process management, and generating net new business. Rob’s commitment and passion for Pro Services and SaaS have been instrumental in providing the best services to our clients. He effectively manages project timelines and cross-departmental communication.  

Rob has always been very generous and helpful to all his colleagues and clients. He shared his future plans with us in his interview, “I plan to continue to drive expansion within our SMB, VIP, and Partner segments, as well as build up our teams and culture. We will all take this company to the moon together. I am here to generate revenue, and I look forward to the growth of this company and the next decade ahead.” The way he drives value to our brand and others is worth praising. No matter what the situation is, his calm attitude towards solving the issue is what we love the most.

An ardent follower of Zeb Evans from ClickUp, Rob is passionate about reading and gaining knowledge, increasing productivity, professional services, SaaS, and culture. His favourite business book is Extreme Ownership by Jocko Willink and Leif Babin. In addition, he loves using ClickUp and Zapier for his work management and collaboration. 

Rob has set the standards for what kind of talent we would like to hire for our organization. He is genuinely one of the brightest members of the company by continuously driving value to his teammates, customers, and partners.

You’re an inspiring soul, Rob.❤️

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