Why WordPress Is The Modern-Day Printing Press?

Way back when, your neighborhood paperboy would get up in the wee morning hours, hop on a bike, and chuck a rolled newspaper on your driveway (or if you’re really lucky, your front porch). You would step outside in your silken robe, stretch for a second while breathing in that fresh summer air, and pick up your newspaper before heading back into the house.

Nowadays, things are a little different. While newspapers still exist, the digital world has crept in over the years and slowly taken over the world. *Cue the dramatic dun dun dunnn* Are we being too extra? Maybe. Are we being truthful? Totally.

You can argue that social media has negatively impacted society and that we’re more socially awkward because we interact with computer screens more than humans. But at the same time, this era of digital domination has also opened up doors to budding entrepreneurs, small businesses with a whole lot of chutzpah, and digital stacks (on stacks and stacks) of information. Although nothing will take away the enchantment of cracking open a freshly printed book, sites like WordPress have become a modern printing press—and with it, we’ve got VIP access to all the information in the world.

Why WordPress Is The Modern-Day Printing Press

4 Benefits of WordPress Becoming A Modern Printing Press

Portfolio Building

Getting published in a renowned publication was—and still is—a prestigious achievement to attain. Before you could even think about getting published, you needed impeccable writing skills, a solid background and credibility, and it wouldn’t hurt if you had connections in the industry. Thanks to WordPress though, you have the opportunity to publish your own content—blogs, videos, photos, and whatever else your talented self produces. This doesn’t mean that impeccable writing skills go out the window, but it does mean that you’re able to build an all-star portfolio that will impress future prospects that you are worth the investment. This leads us to our second point.

Concrete Credibility

With WordPress as the modern printing press, you can build credibility. In the past, hard copy portfolios for job interviews were a must, but now, viewing your past work is as easy as sending a link to your own website or online portfolio. Potential employers or possible customers can decide if they like your style and want to hire you based on the credibility of the content you publish on your SEO friendly WordPress site.

More Eyes

The only way someone will see your hard copy content is if they physically come across your printed masterpiece in person. But with WordPress as the modern printing press on your side, anyone with an internet connection has the opportunity to view your content. This means your social media followers, your grandma who lives on a farm in Hermann, Missouri, and a random insomniac in Antarctica can come across your content and enjoy it right in the comfort of their own home.

Fast & Easy

The old school process of printing takes time—a lot of time. You need to gather your assets, proofread (and proofread again), format the pages, print out a hard copy tester, get the hard copy approved, and then go on an extensive journey of physically setting up the paper to print your glorious content. With an SEO (search engine optimization) optimised WordPress, you can write out your thoughts, format your content, and click “publish.” Notice a typo? No worries. Go back to your post, hit “edit,” and fix that sneaky little mistake that snuck through the cracks like a ninja.

In a nutshell? With WordPress as the modern printing press, you are able to build a portfolio, establish credibility, and gain awareness on your own terms. You don’t need to wait for someone else to give you the opportunity to build credibility or showcase your talent. Ready to commit? Contact the Seahawk Media team to bring your ideas to life on that sweet, sweet digital WordPress paper.

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