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New Features Of Gutenberg 13.6

Gutenberg 13

The WordPress platform now has a brand-new editor called Gutenberg. It will fundamentally alter how you build pages, posts, items, and anything else on your website. WordPress 5.0, which debuted on November 27, 2018, included Gutenberg. Therefore, you must catch up right away.

The TinyMCE editor, which WordPress uses in its current version, has not undergone significant alteration since the platform’s inception:

Old classic editor

This is not unusual because core WordPress platform development is typically gradual and slow. However, this indicates that some of its components, such as the editor, have aged (at least in the opinions of some users).

This method of content generation has rendered WordPress’ default Visual editor very “bare-bones,” which is why Gutenberg will completely rework it: 

gutenburg editor

Hence, Gutenberg is a brand-new WordPress editor that was created to resemble website and page builder tools more. It is a “block editor” for WordPress that introduces a modular system for editing your entire site—Edit specific chunks of material on posts or pages. Adding and modifying widgets With full site editing support, you can create the headers, footers, and navigation of your website.

Every piece of material in the editor is its block, from a paragraph to a picture gallery and headline. WordPress blocks can also be added, rearranged, and reorganized as physical blocks can. This feature frees users from needing hacks like shortcodes or specially written HTML and PHP to create media-rich content and site layouts.

New Features of Gutenberg: Gutenberg 13.6 

Despite its highly customizable existing features, Gutenberg 13.6 was published early this month, adding 26 bug fixes and expanding the capabilities of full-site editing. Let’s dive into each one of them.

  1. Adding the pattern modal for users to use when adding new material to a custom post type is one of the highlights. When a user creates a new page, WordPress 6.0 includes the option to display patterns in a popup. 

Instead of merely giving them a blank page, the aim is to give them an optional jump start. This function has been enhanced in Gutenberg 13.6 to accommodate custom post kinds, which developers can selectively enable.

  1. The increase of template types in the Site Editor is the second prominent feature of this release. Users can now make templates for every post of a particular post type. 

This is a significant improvement to WordPress’s core content management system features since it enables more customization than ever before without requiring coding expertise or knowledge of how to make unique themes. A new feature in version 13.6 is the option to design a template just for one post.

Beyond this upgrade, Gutenberg contributors have a plan for how they wish to increase the variety of possible template types. There are general/custom templates, post-type archives, and specific author templates.

  1. New keyboard shortcuts for Strikethrough and Inline Code, an improved post-scheduling UI that indicates “Today” and “Tomorrow” when appropriate, and an updated template selection UI that is a popover are all additional enhancements.
  2. The ability to modify button styles globally across the entire website has been added to theme.json’s capabilities. The buttons on third-party blocks with the proper HTML can also be incorporated into site-wide style updates.
  3. As of Gutenberg 13.6, captions can also be managed via theme.json. Future updates will include a UI allowing users to quickly modify caption styles across the entire website.

You can view the release post or check the whole changelog on GitHub for a more thorough list of all the improvements and fixes in version 13.6. Visit our blog page to know more about WordPress-related content and other queries. 

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