What Is Brotli compression?


Brotli is a new open-source data compression algorithm that offers better compression ratios than existing techniques. It was developed by Google and published in 2015.

Brotli is designed for the modern web, where data compression is essential for reducing network bandwidth consumption. The algorithm is based on a clever combination of two existing techniques: Lempel-Ziv coding and Huffman coding. By using these two techniques together, Brotli achieves much higher compression ratios than either technique alone.

In addition to its excellent compression ratios, Brotli has several other advantages. It swiftly compresses and decompresses data and can be easily integrated into existing web infrastructure.

If you’re looking for a new data compression algorithm that offers better performance than existing solutions, Brotli is worth considering.

How does a Brotli compression work?

Brotli is a lossless compression algorithm that is used to compress data files. It uses various techniques to achieve high compression levels, including Huffman coding, LZ77, and finite-state entropy coding. Brotli is designed to be fast and efficient and can be used to compress data files of any size.

Why is Brotli better than GZIP?

Brotli compression is a newer, more efficient compression algorithm than GZIP compression. Brotli can achieve better compression ratios than GZIP because it uses a different compression technique known as “dictionary coding.” Dictionary coding is more efficient than the traditional Lempel-Ziv (LZ77) algorithm used by GZIP, and as a result, Brotli-compressed files are typically smaller in size than GZIP-compressed files. 

In addition to being more efficient, Brotli is also faster than GZIP. When compressing files, Brotli spends less time compressing the data and more time creating the actual compressed file. This results in shorter compression times, which can be especially important when compressing large files. 

Overall, Brotli is a better choice than GZIP for most applications because it offers better compression ratios and faster compression times.

Implement Brotli compression in WordPress!

Brotli is a new compression algorithm designed to compress web content more efficiently than existing algorithms. It can improve your website’s performance by reducing the size of your HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files.

To implement Brotli compression in WordPress, you can use Cloudflare. It will compress your website’s files and make them smaller, resulting in faster page loading times.

Once you have installed the plugin, you need to activate it and then configure it to compress your website’s files. The plugin’s settings page will allow you to select which file types you want to compress, and you can also choose whether or not to compress images.

After configuring the plugin, Brotli will begin compressing your website’s files immediately. After implementing this compression method, you will see a noticeable improvement in your website’s performance.

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