Why Ahmedabad, Gujarat Is the Silicon Valley For WordPress Talent?

Seahawk is a leader in Pro WordPress Services and we give a lot of credit for it to Gujarat. Let’s see why

The development of Gujarat is not hidden from anyone and it has emerged as one of the best-performing states in India even after Covid. No wonder why Gujarat has been such a great place for us to dig out the best PHP & WordPress talent. 

We started hiring WordPress developers back in 2018 from Gujarat & since then we have recruited the majority of our WordPress developers from there. Our first WordPress developer was Viraj and according to him, this region is special in that area because most companies here work in PHP and mobile applications. 

Gujarat is moving towards becoming a crucial hub of IT startups because of growing talent in the area. IT sectors in Gujarat are spread over the cities of Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar, Vadodara, and Surat. Our VP of WordPress Development, Ankur, is also from Gujarat. 

Our Recruitment Process for the amazing talent

This is how we recruit the talented & best WordPress developers:

We usually use LinkedIn as our hiring platform

Then we follow our process of hiring:

  1. Screening – we start with taking a quick call with candidates to determine if they are qualified for the position
  2. Technical interview – this round usually with hod includes technical questions based on the work experience
  3. Assessment test – we send them a short test in which a task is assigned and they have to work on that with the given instructions
  4. Final interview – it basically involves joining, salary, and work discussion to finalize things
  5. Background check & offer – a background verification is done with their previous company & offer letter is sent

Seahawk makes sure that, in our team, we have the best talent all across the globe who provide top-notch results to our clients. This is why 1000+ brands, agencies & web hosting companies trust seahawk for their WordPress development services

We have a self-service marketplace & exclusive retention services for Web Hosts. Our talented team leaves no tables unturned to give out their best. 

Contact us to kick-start your WordPress development to scale your business.

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