Benefits Of Hiring A GoDaddy Pro For WordPress

Benefits Of Hiring A GoDaddy Pro For WordPress

We live in an age where everyone (the influencers on Instagram, the business coaches on your Facebook ads, and the very “enlightened” acquaintance you see on every social media channel) will tell you that you are 100 percent capable of achieving anything you want. With YouTubers popping out hundreds of tutorials every day, learning a new skill is essentially a click of a button away. But even with all the influx of information, every new skill comes with the same thing: a learning curve. While we agree that you are 100 percent capable of learning on your own, there are definitely benefits to hiring help—especially when it comes to website design. If you’re in the market for a new website, here are a few benefits to hiring a GoDaddy Pro for WordPress help.


When you hire a GoDaddy Pro, you know you are hiring a trusted agency or freelancer. You don’t have to worry about their quality or level of professionalism because every GoDaddy Pro has been vetted for credibility. Not only is this league of GoDaddy Pros trustworthy, they also have extensive knowledge and training in the GoDaddy ecosystem, giving you a better, high-quality website and overall design experience.


With GoDaddy’s high-end security features, your GoDaddy Pro can log in to your account once and have access to your products without compromising your security. This means that, if you’re not the most technically savvy, your GoDaddy Pro can update and manage those tricky backend servers, purchase domains, and configure hosting on your behalf.


Let’s clear the air. Some people believe that if you hire someone else to create a website for you, the ownership of critical components (your domain, SSL, hosting) are not yours or you have no say. A benefit to hiring a GoDaddy Pro for WordPress help is that you are still in control and maintain ownership of your hosting, domain, and SSL. Not only do you keep ownership, you also have access to your GoDaddy Pro’s wealth of knowledge in choosing the best hosting, domain, and SSL options.

Front of the Line Support

Long gone are the days of being on hold listening to kitschy elevator music. Most major corporate companies offer support services via online chat systems or through a traditional phone line. While knowing you have access to support is helpful, actually talking to someone and getting your questions thoroughly answered is a completely different ball game. One major benefit to hiring a GoDaddy Pro for WordPress is that you can directly ask any questions you have about WordPress, customized features, annoying errors, and other GoDaddy products you’re interested in.  

Affordable Pricing

This comes with a caveat. You could potentially save money if you try to create and set up your website yourself. However, if you have little knowledge and experience in this arena, the amount of time you will spend researching various hosting options, creating the design and functionality, along with doing the tedious front end and back end work that randomly pop up will increase tenfold. Hiring an external contractor does come with a price, but with a GoDaddy Pro whose expertise is in WordPress, you will save an infinite amount of time and will be able to incorporate all the sweet, advanced features you may not know how to do on your own.Your website is often your first impression when it comes to potential customers. As a business owner, it’s in your best interest to kill ‘em from the get-go and show your audience just how professional, creative, cutting-edge, or [fill in the blank] you are by hiring a GoDaddy Pro. Interested in getting started? Shoot us a message and let’s see how we can create something together. 

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