Why Use Typeform On Your WordPress Website

Looking to learn more about your site’s audience, or to give your brand an extra interactive edge?

Gone are the days of the boring, obligatory online survey – enter Typeform.

Typeform is a versatile tool that simplifies the process of building awesome online forms. Surveys of all varieties are made friendlier with the software’s “one-question-at-a-time” interface, producing better response rates and easy-to-analyze metrics from your audience. The best part? Typeform can be downloaded as a WordPress plugin, making it easier than ever to embed surveys right into your site – find out more on how here.

But why does your WordPress site need Typeform?

Well, much like the platform itself, it’s simple.

Stand out from the crowd

You want your audience on your site as long as possible – why not give them a reason to stay?

Including an interactive component on your website helps keep your audience’s attention and allows you to deliver an online experience more tailored to your visitor. You could include a short quiz to find out a little more about your user, then direct them to the pages that have what they’re looking for, or even create a fun personality test and build a brand connection your visitor will never forget — the possibilities are endless.

Amplify your audience’s voices

Whether seeking to understand who your audience is, find out what they think of your site, or even to discover why they left, one of the most valuable uses of a form on your WordPress site is to gather audience feedback, without your visitor having to make the first move. Typeform’s interface makes surveys feel less like obligations and more like conversations, and with at-a-glance metrics and dashboards, it’s never been easier to analyze feedback and understand what your visitors really want.

Seamless integration

With Typeform, you can work with the tools you already use, instead of having to learn new ones. The software integrates seamlessly with a variety of different platforms such as Mailchimp, Hubspot, Slack, and Dropbox, so that you can share responses, import leads, and present reports with ease. This easy integration also allows for a high degree of collaboration, so your survey results can be used to fuel ideas that your team can bring to life even faster.

You don’t need to know how to code to build a killer website, and now, you can embed highly customizable, awesome online forms without writing a single line of code either. Delight your audience with unforgettable online experiences and inform your decisions with a wealth of user-generated information.

Download the plug-in and make your WordPress site great with Typeform.

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