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Public_html directory is the location that should be used for placing web-readable files. This indicates that the folder known as “public_html ” is where you should place all of the website files you wish to be shown whenever someone visits your site. Any files stored below the public_html folder will be hidden from public view on the website. 

What is the Public_html Folder? 

The web root for your top domain name is located inside the public_html folder. Therefore, if someone enters your domain name into their browser, anything stored in the public_html directory of your website will be shown to that person. One illustration will clarify this: If you have a default filename inside your public_html folders, such as index.html or default.html, it will show that page whenever someone calls your domain name. 

If your public_html directory does not include any default files, you will be presented with a list of the files that may be found in the public_html folder. In addition, you can create add-on domains and sub-domains within your account. If you add an addon domain to your account with the name, it will use a subfolder analogous to /public_html / Similarly, adding a subdomain to your account with the name “” will use a subfolder analogous to /public_html / 

Because you will only receive one cPanel account with a shared hosting account, the public_html folder is the parent folder for any addon domains that you host with that account. Suppose you do not want the additional fields to be subfolders of the public_html folder. The best solution is to go with reseller hosting, VPS hosting, or dedicated hosting. With these three types of hosting, you can put each domain in its cPanel and keep it separate from the other parts.

What is the objective of the Public_html Folder? 

The www folder is an example of a link known as a symlink. This is often used as a shortcut in CGI scripts for the path and links to the public_html subdirectory on your server. You may use the path /home/your username/www instead of the path /home/your username/public_html if you like.  

The www directory is a symbolic link pointing to the public_html directory. Therefore, everything you put in one guide will seem the same when viewed from the other directory on the server, regardless of which directory it was placed in. It does not make a difference which of the two you choose since they are both pointing to the same Folder because one is often configured as an alias.

What are the steps to access the Public_html folder? 

Your cPanel interface provides access to your server’s public_html folder. Please refer to the instructions below to learn how to access the public_html folder inside your cPanel account.

1) Navigate to your cPanel account and sign in. 

2) Go to the Files menu and then open the File Manager.

3) The public_html folder is shown on the page of your File Manager application.

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