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One of the most widely used control panels among web developers and hosting businesses is cPanel. It’s usually used with WHM (Web Host Manager) — the two components function together but serve different responsibilities. Web Host Manager gives you administrative access to your server. WHM establishes several accounts and controls various websites in addition to server specifications.

In addition, the cPanel dashboard includes capabilities such as web files, analytics, data tracking, and SEO. It’s no surprise that cPanel is one of the most widely used control panels among web developers and hosting firms.

cpanel interface

More specifically, cPanel hosting is when a hosting company administers a server using WHM and generates cPanel accounts for its clients.

What is cPanel and How Does It Work?

cPanel is a control panel that runs on Linux and is utilized to manage your web hosting in a more accessible way. The system works similarly to a desktop program. Instead of running complex commands, you may use cPanel to accomplish activities from a user-friendly interface.

Many vital tasks may be carried out through cPanel, including:

How to Setup WordPress

Creating an email account for the first time

Adding a domain or subdomain to your website

Managing or uploading files to your server is a time-consuming process.

Creating a backup of your website

You can also do many other things that aren’t on the list.

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Using cPanel to Install WordPress

Most hosts provide access to an “auto-installer” in your cPanel dashboard. With only a few clicks, you may install WordPress as well as a variety of other applications.

Softaculous is perhaps the most common of these user-friendly auto-installers. However, your unique host likely employs a different solution.

All you have to do to install WordPress using cPanel is look for the auto-installers section and click the WordPress button:

Then, to finish the WordPress installation, follow the short setup tutorial.

Hosting with cPanel

cPanel hosting is simply Linux-based web hosting with the cPanel control panel installed. A cPanel account is included with the hosting package, allowing you to manage your web hosting aspects.

As a result, cPanel may be utilized in a variety of hosting environments, including shared, dedicated, and managed WordPress hosting.


Is cPanel a free service?

Because it is a third-party application, cPanel is not free. On the other hand, most hosting companies provide cPanel as part of their standard packages. Some companies will offer you cPanel for free for the first year but then charge you for the following years.

Is cPanel a private technology?

Your cPanel account is, indeed, private. If you’re a website owner, be sure your login and password are safe. This is critical for the security of your website’s data and settings.

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