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How To Improve Time To Interactive (TTI)


Time to Interactive (TTI) is the amount of time it takes for a web page to become fully interactive. This includes the time it takes for the page to load, any event handlers to be registered, and any other processes that need to happen before the page is considered fully interactive. This blog post will show you how you can improve TTI on WordPress. 

Why is TTI (Time to Interactive) essential?

Time to Interactive (TTI) is crucial because it is where users can start using the page. It’s a measure of how long it takes for a user to be able to use a web page. A page that takes too long to become interactive can be frustrating for users and may cause them to leave the site altogether.

Improving TTI can be important for both user experience and business goals. Faster pages lead to happier users and lower bounce rates. For businesses, this can translate into more conversions and higher revenue.

How to Improve Time To Interactive (TTI) on WordPress? 

There are many ways to improve Time To Interactive (TTI) on WordPress. 

  • Optimize your images Ensure your images are of the correct size, format, and resolution.
  • Clean code Another way to improve TTI is to ensure your website’s code is clean and well-organized. This will help your website load faster and reduce the time it takes for visitors to interact with your site. 
  • Use a CDN Using a content delivery network (CDN) can help improve TTI by caching your website’s static content and delivering it to visitors from servers closer to their location.


Time to Interactive is an critical metric to understand and improve for any website or web app. A good TTI score means that your users can interact with your content quickly without having to wait for all of the page’s resources to load first. Several other ways to improve your TTI score include:

  • Optimizing your network request timing.
  • Minimizing JavaScript execution time.
  • Reducing the size of your HTML document.
  • Optimizing CSS
  • Load resources asynchronously 

By taking these steps, you can ensure that your users have a positive experience with your site or app and are more likely to stay engaged with your content.

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