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image alt text

Alt Text (Alternative Text), often known as ALT tags or ALT descriptions, specifies an image file’s overall look and purpose. It is an essential aspect of all HTML sites since it serves various functions for developers and consumers.

Alt text, also known as alt tags or alt descriptions, is the textual language that replaces an image on a website if the image refuses to load on the user’s screen. This language aids screen-reading software in describing photos to visually challenged readers and allows search engines to rank your page more effectively.  

The needed alt attribute gives an alternative text if an image can’t be displayed. The alt attribute provides alternate information if a user cannot view a picture. 

As a result, alt text assists Google in better understanding not only the images but also the content as a whole. This can help your images appear more frequently in image google results.

ALT text tags are an essential aspect of website designing and internet marketing since they improve the overall user experience and accessibility of a page. When implemented correctly, ALT text components can improve SEO and potentially propel a site to the google first page.

Knowing how the ALT tag function makes it much easier to design relevant items. So, now let’s look at its key features.

Why Should You Use Alt Text?

Image Traffic or SEO 

Image alt text may turn your images into hypertext links search engine results that appear in Google Image search or as image packs, one of the essential things alt tags texts can accomplish for you. Image packs are unique results that appear as a single row of image links in any natural position.

Images that appear in Image Search or image packs are an additional source of organic traffic. Several other visitors could arrive as a result of this.

An image pack is a search engine feature in which images are displayed lengthwise on the first results page above every other image link. Search engines rank sites according to their relevancy to keywords in this way.

ALT text cooperates with search results codes to index a page’s visual features. Image SEO uses targeted keywords. By reading the ALT tag, search engine crawlers may determine the visual content of an image and display a page in search engine results. Including ALT text in photos is beneficial to SEO rankings. The higher the SEO rating, the more pictures are optimized.

User Experience

 If the image on a user’s website isn’t loading because of poor bandwidth, ALT text replaces it as a safety net. They will notice an alt text in addition to the broken link mark. The text explains what the picture was supposed to depict, which improves the user experience. Since users with sluggish Internet connections may need to load a website in HTML format, adding ALT text to a picture maintains it relevant to the page.

Images may not load properly for those with poor bandwidth. Instead, users get a broken link symbol, which indicates that a picture is missing. When such an ALT text is connected, the UX is maintained rather than users being left in the dark.


For visually impaired people, ALT text increases web accessibility. They can use a screening tool to help illustrate the visual and grasp the website context, thanks to the text. Search engine results like Google Images include both images, and a legitimate image filename in the relevant context helps.

An image on a webpage of a table of contents. “Go to the table of contents” may be a text equivalent. It would enable the user to comprehend the image’s purpose without seeing it. Alt text ensures that all viewers can see your visual information.

Here are some critical points to remember when designing good image alt text:


Consider these points about image alt text while adding relevant images to your website. It will boost your SEO and improve your site’s ranking while helping even the visually impaired to understand the image appropriately.

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