Your 9-Point SEO Checklist for 2021

Your 9 Point SEO Checklist for 2021 01

Nowadays, creating a website is one of the best investments possible for a business. By creating your site, you will be able to use all marketing strategies, whether EDM, O2O, or 5W1H. You will grow your online presence and help your business grow through better visibility. You will have access to your own E-Boutique to offer your services and products for sale.

Make sure your website is easy to find. Search engines like Google sort pages based on several criteria selected by a particular user.

Using an SEO checklist and understanding SEO operation, you can more easily develop your site and make it easier to find. Specialized agencies can help you achieve SEO since this can be a big challenge for a novice.

Keep in mind that nothing is impossible and that you can achieve this on your own by looking for valuable guides, the right tips, and the many tutorials. We will provide you with an SEO checklist and help you optimize your SEO.

Let’s find out together what the SEO checklist is, how to use it for a website, and most importantly, why you need to be on the top of Google!


Needless to say that most businesses are trying harder to reach the first page of Google search results. And, this is the ultimate plan or objective of any SEO strategy. But why do you need to be on the first-page ranking, and what is its value? Here’s the answer!

How to Optimize Your SEO?

By accurately following this list of SEO checkpoints, you’ll inevitably grow your traffic from SERPs (Search Engines).

Most SEO checklists fail to explain how SEO is an ongoing process.

Instead, we’ve listed some random tasks that shouldn’t make you feel like SEO is done and dusted off once you’ve checked them out.

But, keep in mind that the winning SEO must meet three primary necessary & complementary criteria.

9-Point SEO Checklist 

Let’s start with some of the best SEO practices that everyone should have in the bag. These will not directly improve your ranking, but they are essential to prepare you for a higher ranking on Google.

The title tag

To improve your SEO, it is essential to take care of your title tag since this title will appear first in search engine results. This is the mainline that people will click on to access your article. This tag should feature your main keyword, and therefore, it must be precise and short. As a general rule, a page’s title tag should not exceed 512 pixels (50 to 70 characters).

Optimized URL

Search engines attach great importance to the URLs of web pages. Indeed, your prospects will be able to find you more easily if your URL is simple and straightforward. Therefore, it is necessary to optimize it by simply keeping your domain name, followed by the keywords you have identified.

Semantic tags (Hn)

The semantic Hn tags (numbered 1 to 6) allow you to structure the text of your article and summarize the content of your paragraphs to highlight the most important ideas that you want to convey to your readers. These tags play an essential role in SEO since they allow you to highlight the keywords you have decided to position yourself.

We advise you to put a single H1 containing the primary keyword that you have identified, allowing you to discuss your article’s subject. This keyword could be subsequently reused in certain Hn. Your H2 tags should contain secondary keywords and H3s target-related keywords to optimize your SEO.

The meta description

The meta description tag appears in search engines below your title tag and is an SEO element that should not be overlooked. It gives a short & concise content summary that can be found on your page. Google does not take this tag into account in its algorithm to order the results, but it is what makes a user click on your article or not. So don’t neglect it! It would be best if you succeeded in making Internet users want to read your article. This tag must therefore be unique and eye-catching, which generates clicks on your URL link. In general, the meta description tag should not exceed 159 characters.

Alt tag on images

An Alt tag, also known as “alt attribute” and “alt description,” is an HTML attribute used on images to indicate the content of an image to search engines. In this sense, these tags constitute a crucial point of your SEO, not to be overlooked. This is why you need to work on your alt tags using the keywords related to the image that you have decided to include in your article. The alt tags help optimize your SEO since search engines will also read these keywords and give them details to interpret your content. These tags also allow you to rank in Google Images, increase traffic to your article, and improve your SEO. These are also the tags that will be displayed if your images do not load, thus telling your readers what the image represents.

No duplicate content!

To improve your SEO, do not copy content from other sites, either in whole or just specific paragraphs of an article. This criterion may seem easy to do and simple, but it is not the least. Indeed, when Google detects that a site is duplicating content, it no longer makes it appear in the search results. Therefore, it would be a shame to see your efforts to improve your SEO reduced to nothing for a few lines copied. Tools to check your content by comparing it to all the content offered on search engines exist, such as the smallseo tool.

Pay attention to the structure of your pages.

The structure of your web pages is fundamental in SEO. Why? Because it will help the search engine robots to circulate more quickly on your site. But also and above all, because your pages will be more easily readable by users. This is a point won for them and for Google, which better references well-structured pages.

Take care of the composition of URLs

First of all, the URL of your web page should contain its main keyword. And bim, an SEO point won. It should be human-readable, clear, and ideally no longer than 115 characters to transform the essay. Attention, prohibition to include articles or words of connection!  

Add breadcrumbs to your site.

A few more technical SEO tips

To be effective, SEO has to be done daily. Here are some techniques that will help you see results once you’ve checked all the boxes on your SEO checklist:

Have you ticked all the boxes on your SEO checklist? This is a perfect start. Remember that monitoring the performance of your SEO is essential to know whether you should continue in the same direction or, on the contrary, change your strategy. To do this, use Google Analytics and don’t relax your efforts: SEO is measured over the long term.


One of the most incredible things about SEO is that everything you’ll do adds to the overall website authority compared to social media. 

This creates a compound effect, and sooner you’ll be able to reap significant advantages from a series of little but innovative acts that The SEO Checklist presents and proposes. 

“Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies.”


SEO success is just like a snowball you’re rolling down the hill. 

This basic SEO can help your website business get started with SEO.

However, it is not easy to implement an SEO checklist on a site. It requires some SEO knowledge, time, and dedication to increase your site’s organic traffic and rank on Google. At Seahawk Media, our dedicated team can help in checking off every to-do on your checklist. 

Now, if you want to boost your visibility on the Internet, get in touch with us! We will use a formidably effective technique to boost your Google search rankings.

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