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Seahawk Vs. Fiverr


How about hassle-free, high-quality results done by experts instead of diving into the sea for a never-ending search for freelancers? 

Experienced experts provide the best quality results. Know why Seahawk is your best choice for WordPress development over Fiverr

Expert Team

At Seahawk, we are an In-house team of skilled marketers and developers relied upon by the leading managed WordPress web hosting providers.

Finding reliable knowledge on Fiverr can be difficult due to the abundance of available service providers.


Seahawk has a global presence and more than 1,000 businesses, including GoDaddy, CleanJuice, and DreamHost, rely on us for WordPress services.

Fiverr: The platform is littered with scattered portfolios.

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Targeted strategy

WordPress is all that Seahawk is focused on and passionate about, including Managed WordPress Web Host Retention Services, WordPress Technology, WP Services Marketplace, and WordPress Education.

Fiverr: It has a crowded marketplace of services, making it nearly impossible to find the best fish in the sea.

Personalization and dialogue

Communication is simpler than ever with Seahawk. We have a self-service portal conducted directly with customers. We offer an incredibly personalized approach to our clients.

Fiverr: Difficult communication, which makes it a non-personalized approach in the project

Seahawk vs Fiverr
Seahawk vs Fiverr


Seahawk: More affordable price with superior outcomes, trusted by over a thousand Web hosting businesses

Fiverr: Fiverr charges 20% of all sales between consumers and sellers.

Wrapping it up

Seahawk is a leading WordPress development agency that specializes in WordPress services for web hosts. We also help our clients in preventing customer churn with retention services

Fiverr alternative for WordPress development? Seahawk is the right solution for you, trusted by the most prominent web hosting providers in the market. 

Contact us to upgrade your WordPress game!

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