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A landing page for leads or information about the services you offer might be your homepage. Everything here is dependent on the type of website you have. The things you suggest would be listed on your homepage if you were opening an eCommerce website. Before starting a website, you often go through a few themes before selecting a free WordPress theme that’s ideal for your new website.

You install this WordPress theme with excitement and open your website in a browser. You then see that there isn’t a slider for the picture, no photos, and no text. Nothing about your website resembles the theme demo. And for that reason, professionals advise choosing a premium theme at first, particularly for eCommerce websites.

Any theme you install, whether it’s free or expensive, could not look exactly like the screenshot. Furthermore, feeling dissatisfied is normal. But first, let’s examine why this occurs so you don’t let that emotion morph into annoyance. Your website doesn’t appear like the theme’s demo for two reasons.

Your website currently has little to no content.

Your homepage is not set.

You’ll add material to your website. The majority of WordPress themes provide a unique homepage. You may build a unique homepage. Setting up your homepage properly is advantageous.

A page’s setting as the home page

Before we examine, You must choose the type of homepage you require before deciding how to establish or modify the homepage. Should the homepage have a list of your blog entries or a page with static content?

WordPress displays your most recent blog entries on the homepage by default. The most common thing you want to show on your home page is a list of the most recent blog entries, whether you are operating a simple WordPress blog or a magazine website.

In this manner, visitors will view the most recent articles (or news) whenever they visit the site.

However, this won’t work if you want to develop any other kind of website, notably a commercial or e-commerce website.

Components of a Homepage

On the homepage of a business website, you should:

In an eCommerce business, you should highlight your items, recent product reviews, and current promotions, as described previously in the article.

In either case, the first step is to change your homepage to a static WordPress page.

WordPress provides you with two options to produce content right out of the box: blog entries & pages.

You’ll probably need to set up a custom WordPress theme unless you’re operating a straightforward blog and a homepage. Head to Seahawk Media for creating and designating a static WordPress page as the homepage in this post.

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