WordPress 6.2: Revamped Site Editor, Distraction-Free Writing Mode, & Updated Block Inserter

Welcome to the world of WordPress 6.2, where the possibilities are endless, and creativity knows no bounds! In this latest version, we have packed in some incredible updates and features that will make your website-building experience smoother than ever before. This release has something for everyone; from a revamped site editor, distraction-free writing mode, and an updated block inserter. 

What’s New In WordPress 6.2

In this blog post, we’ll look at all the new goodies that come with WordPress 6.2 and explore how they can help take your website to the next level!

Revamped Site Editor Interface

Revamped site editor interface

The new site editor interface in WordPress 6.2 has been redesigned to make creating and managing websites easier. The interface now includes a sidebar navigation that displays all editing tools in one place, allowing users to switch between different sections of their site quickly. This sidebar also includes a new global context bar that shows essential information about the current page or post, such as its title, permalink, and author. Additionally, the new interface includes an improved status bar that provides more detailed information about the page or post being edited, including the word count, reading time, and publishing status.

Distraction-Free Writing Mode

Distraction-free writing mode

The updated editor includes a new “Distraction Free Writing Mode” that helps writers focus on their content by removing all unnecessary interface elements. Writers can access this mode by clicking on the “Fullscreen mode” button in the top toolbar of the editor. In Distraction Free Writing Mode, the interface is stripped down to just the text editor and a few essential tools, allowing writers to focus on their writing without distractions. Additionally, users can customize this mode to include only the tools they need, making it even more streamlined.

Updated Block Inserter

Updated block inserter

The Block Inserter makes finding and using blocks easier. The Block Inserter now includes new categories for different types of blocks, such as Common Blocks, Formatting Blocks, Layout Elements, and Widgets. This makes it easier to navigate and find the blocks you need. The Block Inserter also includes a “Recently Used” tab that displays the most recently used blocks, allowing users to access the blocks they use most often quickly. Additionally, the Block Inserter now shows block suggestions as users type, making it easier to discover and add new blocks to their content.

Additional Improvements: WordPress 6.2

Tabbed Block Inspector

The new Tabbed Block Inspector in WordPress 6.2 makes it easier to edit block settings. The inspector now includes three tabs: Block, Styles, and Advanced. The Block tab displays all block settings, including alignment, text color, and font size. The Styles tab displays style options for the selected block, such as background color and border-radius. The Advanced tab displays additional options for the block, such as custom CSS classes and HTML attributes. These tabs make finding the settings easier and keep the inspector organized.

Colorized Template Parts and Reusable Blocks

To make it easier to distinguish between different types of blocks, template parts and reusable blocks are now colorized in the editor. Template parts are now green and used to create headers, footers, and other site-wide content. Reusable blocks, which can be saved and reused across pages and posts, are now blue. This color coding makes it easier to identify these essential blocks and manage them effectively.

Openverse Integration in the Block Inserter

WordPress 6.2 now includes integration with Openverse. This new media library allows users to search and use free-to-use images and videos directly in the editor. Openverse provides a wide selection of media, including photos, illustrations, and videos from sources such as Unsplash, Pexels, and Pixabay. With the Openverse integration, users can easily find and add media to their content without leaving the editor or worrying about copyright issues.

Migrate Widgets to Block Themes

WordPress 6.2 includes a new tool that makes migrating widgets to block themes easier. This tool helps to ensure that widgets are appropriately converted to blocks, making it easier to manage content. The tool previews how the widgets will look in the new block format before they are converted.

Document Details and List View Combined in Block Editor

The Document Details and List View panels have been combined into a single interface to simplify managing and editing content. This makes viewing and editing content easier and reduces clutter in the editor. The combined panel displays the document details, such as the title, permalink, author, and a list view of all the blocks on the page or post. This makes it easier to navigate and edit content in the editor.

Changes for Developers

In addition to the user-facing features and improvements, WordPress 6.2 also includes several changes aimed at developers:

Improved Performance

WordPress 6.2 includes several performance improvements, including faster loading times for the editor and improved memory management. These improvements help make WordPress faster and more efficient, especially on sites with extensive content or complex designs.

Updated REST API

The REST API in WordPress 6.2 has been updated with several new features and improvements. The API now supports filtering by multiple taxonomy terms, making it easier to query content based on specific criteria. Additionally, the API now includes support for batch requests, which allow multiple requests to be combined into a single HTTP request for improved performance.

Improved Block API

The Block API in WordPress 6.2 has been updated to give developers more flexibility and control over their blocks. The API now supports custom templates, allowing developers to define their blocks’ HTML structure using a separate file. This makes it easier to manage complex blocks with custom HTML and CSS. Additionally, the Block API now includes support for server-side rendering, which can improve performance and SEO by pre-rendering blocks on the server.

New Development Tools

WordPress 6.2 includes several tools to help developers build better sites and plugins. These tools include a new debugging mode for the editor, which provides detailed information about the rendering of blocks and their attributes. WordPress 6.2 has a new CLI command for generating block scaffolding, making creating new blocks from scratch easier.

Enjoy the New Updates of WordPress 6.2 

With the launch of WordPress 6.2, users can now access a wide range of new features and improvements that will make their web development experience much smoother and more enjoyable. The Site Editor is a great addition, allowing you to make changes to your website in an intuitive interface quickly. Additionally, the distraction-free writing mode and updated block inserter offer great productivity tools for those who work with content daily. All in all, these updates should be welcome additions for anyone using WordPress!

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