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How To Start A Bitcoin Exchange Website?

How to start a bitcoin exchange website

2021 is almost over, the Crypto market is bleak, and Bitcoin is no exception. However, according to many experts, early 2022 will be the time for the market to recover. In such a trend, creating a website to buy and sell Bitcoin is an excellent choice to stay ahead of the direction in 2021. By being an intermediary and processing transactions efficiently, a business can earn money with lots of profit.

Let’s learn how to build Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) Exchange Website.

Before we dive into the steps of creating a Bitcoin Exchange Website, let’s understand What Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin Exchange are.

What is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency protected by encryption, making it almost impossible to counterfeit or spend twice as much. Many available are decentralized networks based on blockchain technology, a widely distributed logbook monitored by networks of different computers.

The first Cryptocurrency to have developed, and arguably the most famous of them is Bitcoin which was created in 2009 by an enigmatic programmer using the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. It propelled the principle of blockchain. It led to many other encrypted digital currencies, called “altcoins” by Crypto traders.

What is a Bitcoin Exchange?

In general, a Bitcoin exchange in particular or a virtual currency exchange is where investors or traders buy and sell bitcoin and other coins with different currencies or altcoins. This exchange is an online platform that acts as an intermediary between buyers and sellers of Cryptocurrencies.

According to data updated by Coinmarketcap, there are 307 exchanges with a total 24-hour trading volume of $486.14 billion. Coinmarketcap ranks Crypto exchanges based on trading volume, traffic, liquidity, and faith in the legitimacy of reported trading volumes.

Web design for buying and selling, safe, secure, and reputable Bitcoin exchange

Currently, trading Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies are happening daily. Hundreds of millions of transactions are made every minute, so why don’t you design a website to buy and sell bitcoin or a bitcoin exchange to act as an intermediary to collect profits for sellers and buyers?

Why should you design a website to buy and sell Bitcoin?

When a user trades on your exchange, the amount of Bitcoin, the user wants to sell will be transferred from the merchant’s wallet to the “Secured Transaction” system and locked. Likewise, the buyer also transfers money to the guarantee system. After the order is matched, the Bitcoin will be sent to the buyer’s wallet, and the funds will be transferred to the seller’s account.

Seahawk Media is the leading website development company for Cryptocurrency projects. Also, with a team of young enthusiastic employees, constantly updating the best and latest knowledge, technology, and techniques, Seahawk Media will commit to bringing customers the best products.

With the projects we have done, we are entirely confident with your most complex and demanding requirements. You are altogether secure when coming to Seahawk Media because we always advise and give your project the best solutions and advice.

Seahawk Media’s team of experts is knowledgeable about blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and load balancing in large systems so that they can speed up your website development. With this, any business can implement a highly efficient Cryptocurrency exchange website without the hassle of understanding the technical aspects.

Simple Easy Steps to Build Your Own Bitcoin Exchange Website

Step 1. Choose an Appropriate Hosting

The first step is choosing an appropriate website hosting for the technical launch of your online platform. After selecting the right website hosting service for your Crypto Exchange website, you need to contact the server and ask him to install the PHP scripts onto the web. By installing the PHP scripts, you can run your Cryptocurrency exchange website. You can either buy a ready-to-use template or order a custom solution from a specialized developer in the platform itself.

Step 2: Install Your White Level Preferred Exchange Software

White-label Exchange software deploys an advanced feature-rich Cryptocurrency exchange platform where anyone can buy, sell or hold crypto and fiat currencies. You can download either Tradebox or Nishue from the Envato market and upload it to your server to begin the installation process.

Note: Get the Envato User ID and the Purchase key from the software authority.

Step 1: Enter the Envato User ID and Purchase key.

Step 2: It automatically checks whether the hosting server fulfills the exchange platform requirements. If successful, you will be forwarded to Step 3.

Step 3: Setup the database with your desired credentials and set the hostname as localhost. After clicking on Next, wait for 52 seconds to proceed to Step 4.

Step 4: Enter your credentials to access the platform. Note: Credentials can be changed later.

Step 5: If successful, the Installation complete message will be displayed, and a button to launch the application.

Step 3: Choose a website template:

Free themes and templates are available for both, whether you are creating your website with WordPress or launching an HTML5 website. However, if you want access to updates and security patches, we recommend premium options.

You can find premium themes and templates specially designed for Crypto on platforms like Themeforest.

HashCoin Template is an HTML template built for Bitcoin calculator websites, Bitcoin mining equipment websites, or other digital currency websites. This fully responsive Bootstrap 3 based template includes 100+ HTML pages (homepage options, blog theme, custom post types, 404 pages, etc.).

HashCoin comes with Visual Page Builder, allowing you to create your pages with predefined building blocks, a CSS3 animation library, and various PHP widgets.

Step 4: Admin Panel

Admin Panel can help the exchange company’s employees monitor trades and make it easier to manage the actions made on the exchange based on their level of access.

You can add users, more admins, and the general settings to maintain your website by customizing the admin panel.

Step 5: Establish Liquidity

Liquidity is the foremost thing to function your bitcoin exchange successfully. With the help of establishing liquidity, you will raise trust among users for your Bitcoin exchange.

Things to Consider Before Developing the Bitcoin Exchange Website

Are you looking to design a website Bitcoin Exchange? Before you start developing a solution, pay attention to the following.


The website needs to be completely secure. Eliminate any weaknesses, protect data, and make sure everything is safe. Hacker attacks are not uncommon, so sooner or later, be ready when hackers target your website. Be prepared & safeguard your website.


Websites that load slowly are one way to get kicked out of the live game. Cryptocurrency traders expect a seamless experience when moving from site to site, so keep this in mind.

User interface

Create attractive end-to-end designs and engage users with a clean, user-friendly interface. Give them convenience and fun when they are trading Cryptocurrencies.


A successful startup is not enough; customers need to learn about your business and services. So, plan your marketing campaign carefully: use web, blog, and social media advertising to let them know about new opportunities, grab their attention, and motivate them. Urge potential users to visit your website.

Cost to set up a Cryptocurrency or Bitcoin Exchange Website

It is pretty challenging to assess exact costs or even a rough approximation of how much it costs to build a successful Crypto exchange platform. However, properly considering few factors may offer a transparent insight into the areas requiring a financial contribution.

Few factors that determine the cost of building a Cryptocurrency Exchange Website:

1. Development

You’ll require a team of resourceful engineers to build a successful Crypto trading platform. Developers will need several pieces of equipment and facilities to create the platform successfully. To facilitate them with the different equipment and facilities, you’ll require a capital investment, which should be prioritized.

2. Hiring Crypto Specialists:

It is vital to hire Crypto professionals who can provide critical insight, guidance, and services. Having access to a team of Crypto specialists will improve the odds of the platform’s success and boost the chances of getting the platform smooth & bugs-free. Thus, Crypto experts must be hired, which poses to be a significant expense.

3. Advertising the Platform:

The success of a Crypto exchange depends on its user base. Marketing services are required to promote the platform and encourage users to get on board. These are considerable expenses associated with developing an exchange platform.

Main features for creating Bitcoin Exchange Website

  • Multi-currency wallet support
  • Direct user transactions
  • Get your wallet balance
  • Buy/Sell Crypto
  • Support to borrow money from the floor
  • Coin Historical Data
  • Live data updates
  • Trends on the chart
  • Trade tools
  • Connect to the node of the blockchain
  • List of buyers and sellers
  • People with top volatility
  • Live market (sell/buy) with market balance
  • Calculator (Cryptocurrency <==> Currency)
  • Trade chart
  • Register
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Responsive technology on mobile devices
  • Mobile app
  • Advanced admin page
  • Multi-language integration
  • One-way secure encryption
  • Google Authenticator 2-factor authentication
  • Sign In & Sign Up for Google OAuth
  • Change user password
  • Send Email automatically upon successful registration.
  • Easy-to-customize email templates
  • Configuring SMTP mail delivery
  • User registration form integrated with Google ReCAPTCHA
  • Free support

Wrap Up

With newer and more impactful Cryptocurrencies popping up every day, digital currencies are a hot spot to consider for your next online project. If you want to dive into Crypto and create a blog about Bitcoin or viewing a Bitcoin Exchange website, a good web host, an attractive website template, & most importantly, a good website development company can take you to the Crypto space.

If you are interested in web design services to buy and sell virtual currency bitcoin and other coins, don’t hesitate to contact Seahawk Media.

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