Meta Keywords: Why They Can’t Help You Rank

Meta Keywords

Meta keywords are tags you can add to your website’s code to help describe your site to search engines. They are not a ranking factor for Google, but other search engines can use them. Adding meta keywords to your site can help you rank for long-tail keywords that you might not otherwise be able to rank for. However, it’s essential to use them sparingly and only add keywords that accurately describe your content. Overuse of meta keywords can hurt your ranking.

Why can’t Meta Keywords help you rank?

As SEO has evolved, the role of meta keywords has diminished. They are no longer a ranking factor for search engines and can’t help you rank higher in search results.

Meta keywords are keywords that you include in your website’s meta tags. They don’t appear on the page itself, but they can be used to give search engines more information about your website’s content.

In the past, search engines sometimes used meta keywords as a ranking factor. However, this is no longer the case. Search engines have become much better at understanding website content without relying on meta keywords.

Meta keywords can still be helpful for giving search engines more information about your website’s content. However, they won’t help you rank any higher in search results.


While meta keywords might have helped rank in the past, they are no longer a factor that search engines use to determine rankings. So, if you’re still using them in your website’s code, you can stop — it’s not doing anything for you. In fact, including meta keywords could hurt your website’s ranking because it looks like keyword stuffing. To improve your website’s ranking, focus on other factors like title tags, meta descriptions, and backlinks.

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