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Interactive Content Is True King

Interactive Content Is True King

A few years ago it was said that the future is in interactive storytelling, well they couldn’t have been more right. Still many entrepreneurs and marketers have yet to understand what it really takes to operate a successful business. Many individuals heard and applied the popular marketing concept called Content Is King to their overall marketing strategy. Although this may be true, nowadays an individual should consider how interactive content is the true king. Not only do you have to make your web content relatable to your audience, but you have to get your potential buyers emotionally involved enough to change their buying behavior. By creating beautiful interactive content, you generate an opportunity for them to have meaningful interaction with your content.

Ten Types of Interactive Content

#1 180 or 360 Degree Video

This interactive feature is a must-have if you really want to give your customer an unforgettable experience. As the public has yet to fully adapt, upgrading your brand’s video portfolio to augmented or virtual reality formats will increase your competitive edge, thus, benefiting your brand overall. You will be able to showcase your business in an exciting new dimension with 180 or 360-degree interactive experiences. For instance, take a look at how the BBC positively alters its viewer’s experience with 360 format videos on YouTube. Join these baby turtle hatchlings in a whole new light by clicking the video below.

#2 Calculators

If you own a gym, a medical practice, or health wellness firm then consider embedding a BMI calculator. There are other types too depending on your industry like Auto calculators, budget calculators, debit calculators, home equity calculators, insurance calculators, savings calculators, retirement calculators, etc. As an illustration, check out’s version of a BMI calculator:

#3 CGI Animation

If you have some extra cash, then take your web animation to the next level with Custom Imagery Animation. Interactive web design should not only bring your animation to life, but you must seek to embody the intangible story of your brand merchandise.

#4 Customized Brand Mascot

By creating a persona optimized web experience, you will find it easier to intrigue your target audience and increase your overall brand revenue. If you really want to commit then create a character that adds value and encompasses your brand’s personality. For instance, take a look at a pic below of our newly announced company mascot: Simon Seahawk

#5 Flip

This interactive feature ignites your visitor’s curiosity. When a user clicks the photo, it will automatically flip revealing the answer to your question.

#6 Infographics

This interactive feature will help your customers better understand what your business offers. You can even explain how your specific process works as Google does with its own interactive content example here

#7 Polls, Surveys, and Quizzes

Easily integrate all three interactive types of content by using our partner’s popular software called Typeform. Typeform offers integration with WordPress and many popular communication apps like Slack. You can even implement advanced features to your forms like logic jumps, hidden fields, score system, email notifications, and email notifications based on customer answers (read more here).

#8 Ranking

This interactive feature allows your visitor to have some fun when they vote for their favorite item or person; you can make it about anything you could possibly think of, and best of all is that each vote can be programmed to be updated in real-time.

#9 Text

This interactive feature is a great way to relate to your readers in real-time. Your particular campaign message will easily get across to your customers since texting is a familiar format.

#10 Trivia

This interactive feature is useful when you want to test your user’s knowledge on a particular topic. Get as creative as you would like and make multiple colorful slides.

Attention is the new economy. Keeping their attentiveness long enough for you to deliver a meaningful differentiated message will make your company more valuable; they will choose you instead of your outdated lonesome competitor. Simultaneously, you will also earn overall better site engagement metrics that will favor your site under the eyes of Google like average page session, average pages per session, percent of new sessions, page views, page views per session, and decreasing your bounce rate percentage. So why not start your own or have us help you? Now go forth and cut through the noise with Interactive Storytelling in a mobile first era. 

If you have any questions or need help with your website, simply contact us and a Seahawk Media representative will make sure to contact you as soon as possible.

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