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google trends

Google Trends reveals the popularity of particular search keywords among Google users. This data makes it possible to estimate search volumes and the seasonality of search phrases more accurately.

Google Trends makes it possible to examine the popularity of pertinent search phrases. This enables the evaluation and classification of search queries, such as seasonal search words over time.

Additionally, Google Trends displays the top search terms, whether they are recent, regional, or historical. 

What capabilities does Google Trends provide?

The Google Trends homepage displays the most recent topics and trends. Here, the most frequently used search terms from around the globe are listed in real-time. These terms typically refer to people, cities, or events and can record the highest rise in search terms at this time.

The “Explore” function is the most exciting for marketing strategy and search engine optimization (SEO). Here, Google gives users the option to look at historical data going back to 2004 as well as hourly trends over the previous hour to determine the search interest for a chosen keyword. 

Here, relative values rather than absolute numbers are used to express the search volume. The highest value, 100, indicates the most significant level of search interest. The remaining numbers on the graph depict the relative demand about the demand peak.


Here, you can decide whether to display the “global” chart or a list of specific nations.


You can choose whether to see recent events from the “previous hour,” by a week or the monthly comparison of the past from “2004 to the present” in this section.


You can show the result that applies to you here, especially for vague phrases or different user intentions.

Web search

Behind this tab, you may view the graph for google searches or integration of universal searches, such as Google News, Google Images, video searches with YouTube, or graphs for Google Shopping.

In addition to learning more about specific terms, this enables SEOs and marketers to contrast related, pertinent search inquiries with one another. Under the main chart, Google also displays information on demand in other countries, relevant topics, and comparable search terms.

Why are Google Trends crucial for online marketing and SEO?

Before writing, it is advised from a marketing and SEO perspective to assess search frequency and seasonality using Google’s trend tool. The tool can only partially complete topic research, but it can reveal long-term trends, mainly when used with a time-lapse display, such as: 


Google Trends can provide information to help your business succeed, from advising you on seasonal trends to assisting you in identifying a fast-expanding specialty. By upgrading popular SEO pieces just in time for peak season, you’ll be able to uncover adjacent verticals to grow your portfolio and dramatically increase your blog traffic. Now is your chance to rule, so seize it!

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