Search Volume

Search volume

The phrase “search volume” refers to the volume (or quantity) of searches conducted for a particular keyword within a specified period. This is what the name suggests. To offer marketers a more comprehensive understanding of a search term’s competition and overall volume, keyword search volume is often averaged over a certain period. This data is often contextualized within specific periods to provide search engine optimizers and marketers with the ability to analyze how particular keywords increase traffic over time.

Why Does Keyword Search Volume Matter?

It is essential to have a high search volume since using search engines is one of the primary methods that websites bring in new users and traffic. At WordStream, for instance, organic search is responsible for almost 70 percent of the overall traffic! Because of this, it is essential to target keywords in your content with an actual amount of search traffic. If no one is looking for the keywords you’re targeting, no one will see your material. 

Which Search Volumes of Which Keywords Should You Be Targeting?

It doesn’t matter whether you specialize in pay-per-click advertising, search engine optimization, or general digital marketing; keyword search volume is an essential measure that is sometimes ignored in favor of other metrics such as click-through rate. However, the number of times a particular phrase is searched for the need to be a component of the basis around which your efforts ought to be developed.

Balancing Volume with Competition

When determining the number of searches for a particular keyword, there are two essential aspects: the volume of searches and the level of competition. Keywords with a larger volume suggest a more significant opportunity for exposure (or impression share), but there is also a greater likelihood of considerably more competition. It, in turn, makes it more challenging to rank for these keywords since you will presumably be competing against known publications and websites. Additionally, if you are bidding on these terms as part of a sponsored search campaign, your cost-per-click (CPC) will likely be higher.

How to Rank for Keywords with High Search Volumes

Going for keywords with many searches is always tricky, regardless of whether you are just starting in SEO or a seasoned professional. On the one hand, these search phrases can potentially be of tremendous value to your company, as they can generate substantial referral traffic and an increasing number of external connections. 

High-Quality Content

Although it is essential to optimize your content for maximum discoverability, the primary focus of your efforts when attempting to rank for a keyword – regardless of the volume of searches for that keyword or the level of competition – should be on producing the most premium content that you are capable of producing. Always, at all times, in the present, and indefinitely in the future.

When analyzing a website or a piece of content, we do not entirely understand how Google’s algorithms operate, nor do we know its specific ranking signals. When determining organic ranks, however, we know that quality and relevancy are two of the most significant factors to consider.

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