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Wasabi Sushi Bar

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Wasabi Sushibar is one of the largest chains of Sushi bars in Geneva and serves the most authentic and savory sushi delicacies. Their mission is to serve high-quality and authentic sushi meals to customers with the freshest of ingredients and professional preparation techniques. The place is known for its modern interpretation of classic sushi dishes keeping the essence of Japanese flavors intact and aiming to expand their reach across audiences.



With such authentic Japanese vibes and classic touch to the Sushi delights, this upscale sushi bar required a web presence that would justice to the theme of the place and to the authentic Japanese cuisine they are serving. Moreover, they required a novel brand positioning across social media channels and needed promotion across the search engines to popularize their sushi chain in Geneva and elsewhere to broaden the scope of business and cuisine offered.


Based on extensive discussions with the client, we came up with branding ideas for Wasabi and created an intuitive and vibrant ecommerce website and designed a menu interface where customers can visit and smoothly place their orders. With the help of marketing and SEO initiatives we changed the outlet’s search rankings to bring the brand to the forefront.

  • Our team worked branding initiatives for Wasabi for an enhanced social media presence and better brand recall.
  • We further worked on marketing automation and launching mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms so that people would be able to download the apps and place orders and earn loyalty points for future benefit.
  • We created a rewards system through which customers while placing an order could earn points and get deals and offers for the future.
  • With centralized menu management and marketing automation, we placed the brand on the frontline and encouraged customer visits.
  • Since the sushi chain is based out of Geneva, the website has been developed in both French and English with translation to help in capturing a wider market.


With a user-friendly website and intuitive interface, online ordering facility and user-friendly functionalities, the brand stands apart from competition and is truly one of a kind offering choicest sushi delicacies online.

With the help of marketing and promotion activities coupled with adequate SEO efforts, we increased the brand value of Wasabi. With the new website and content, we helped the brand climb up search engine rankings and expand its reach.

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