Changing a brand is a huge risk and is not something that everyone can pull off easily. There’s a lot at stake and, when done inappropriately, it can have significant consequences. However, it’s a decisive move that can reposition your brand in new and existing markets. With the right moves and proper alignment of brand vision, they can be more vital than ever and earn enormous trust.

Timcast, our latest project, is an American podcast and network platform that brings together news, entertainment, and commentary on political and cultural issues. This platform is owned by Timothy Daniel Pool, an American journalist, YouTuber, and political commentator.  He got his first recognition for live streaming at the Occupy Wall Street protests in 2011. Timothy soon began working with Vice Media and Fusion TV in 2013 and 2014, respectively. And later, he started working alone on YouTube and other platforms to bring awareness of social issues and a plethora of hidden political, cultural, and entertainment gossip. Using simple technology, he broadcast to over 3.2M people for a single event with syndication estimates of over 200 million and an average of 500,000 viewers per live event. Tim Pool is currently at the forefront of new media and journalism, constantly pushing what is possible. His unique style of interactive broadcast journalism exists at the intersection of social and mainstream media. His live coverage has been featured by renowned channels like NBC, Reuters, MSNBC, and Al Jazeera English, reporting from major events worldwide.

Checkout their website.


For a news platform to be highly respected and trusted by its readers, it requires to engage its audience on a personal level and encourage interaction with the subjects it covers. Tim Cast not only wanted to interact with its readers, but he also wanted them to become actively involved in the politics and culture, thereby becoming a part of the news his platform covers. To achieve this involvement, we decided to build a website that clearly resonated with the vision of Tim Pool. After continuous discussion and hard work, we decided to create custom designs first on Figma and later converted them into WordPress. We not only delivered the custom design for the website’s homepage, but we worked on transforming all of its subpages with the help of Figma initially and then built the entire website on WordPress using the Gutenberg builder.

The entire website was built around solid shades of black and brushes of blue, showcasing the boldness, confidence, power, and strength of Tim’s personality. We used white as the core color of the fonts to highlight and capture the reader’s attention quickly.  For the Typography part, we used Bebas Neue Regular to keep everything simple yet classy. 

The three pre-dominant sections for the website are Timcast IRL, Timcast news & daily vlog. All three of them are Tim’s Podcasts on different aspects where Tim has a new episode airing everyday life, his research, his love and attention towards the hot topics, and lots more. We fetched and added all his podcasts on the website and even created an interactive space where his audience can watch new episodes that got aired on the site via youtube. 

We also created a custom membership setting plan with different packages, allowing users to avail additional content based on their schedule. We also integrated a sidebar showcasing some of Tim’s merchandise on the website. The color contrast of the website lets the readers focus on the news more. In addition, we added an ‘about page’ giving a small peek into the life of Tim and a ‘contact page’ to reach out and connect with Tim. Just as this section ends, we have integrated a featured post column, where the reader can look at some top and exciting news. Lastly, we incorporated a donation panel at the end of the website where his followers and admirers can support him because of his efforts and contributions.

Overall, after working closely with the creative team at Timcast, we found a way by putting the creation, fostering, and championing of those ideas front and center.


Packed with revealing wireframes, imagery, and a well-structured website and with a trendy and modern look, Timcast delivers a fascinating insight into a massive and challenging build that caters to millions of online visitors wanting to gain detailed information about what’s going on in the world. 

The outline of the website certainly makes its content engaging with the use of beautiful imagery as thumbnails and its Youtube integration. It also comes with a catchy header to provide more accessible and visible access to the visitors and, in turn, increase retention. Meanwhile, we thoughtfully integrated all the social media handles on the top of the website for the readers to stay connected everywhere they go. 

The latest evolution of the Timcast news and culture platform has been developed to encourage deeper relationships and exchanges between the world and its citizens—to be a place for knowledge, awareness, and conduct. Building an influential brand that could serve as the ground for this ambition required uniting requirements visually along with evolved language. This is how we successfully revamped an old website into an entirely new customized platform with all-new ideas. 

To unfold your dream website, grow and speak with greater authority to your audience, connect with Seahawk Media today. 

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