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Sunflag Steel

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Written By: author image Komal Bothra
author image Komal Bothra

With a diversified business interest in the sectors of Synthetic Yarn Fabrics, non-woven textiles, etc. spanning across the globe, the Sunflag group put its first step in the Steel sector in 1989. Their first major development was setting up an integrated steel plant in Bhandara near Nagpur. Starting with the use of state of art technology, today, Sunflag Iron & Steel Co. Ltd. has expanded its per annum capacity of manufacturing high-quality steel up to 5 million tonnes. In their struggling journey towards exponential development, Sunflag Steel has achieved several milestones such as successfully embracing the “Clean Steel Technology”, investing in ESR/VAR/VIM, venturing in the production of high-performance materials & superalloys that can be used in aviation space, defense, poker sector, and medical implants. Sunflag Steel is always on its track towards forever evolution with always ensuring customer satisfaction first.

Know more about them from their website.

What brought us together?

Though Sunflag was always sincere about their business strategies and movements, they were lacking a major aspect of the modern marketing world. That is a good online presence. They were looking for a well-organized online presence with a beautifully designed website, well-optimized content, attractive social media pages, and so on. They wanted to impress people with their online exposure and wanted to gain their trust. So, they reached us and explained their requirements. That was the first step towards a great business relationship between us.

How did we serve them?

Firstly we conducted detailed discussions with them and understood their vision. Then our Web Development team and SEO team planned their strategies to bring their ideas together and turn it into a unique, user-friendly website along with some catchy social media pages. Let’s take a look at the details of the services we provided them.

  • We planned their web appearance from scratch. We took immense care of every detail of their vision.
  • Our SEO team worked heart and soul to deliver well-optimized content.
  • Our designers put all their creativity into designing beautiful web pages.
  • Our Web Development team developed a well-optimized and user-friendly website for them.

What did we take much care about?

  • The web pages contain every important detail for the benefit of both Sunflag and its customers.
  • The content is so well-optimized that their website ranks much higher in the search results.
  • Every web and social media page becomes a treat to the eyes of the searchers.
  • The website does not lag while loading.
  • We integrated Sunflag’s contact information at the very bottom of the website for customer interaction.

What did our efforts result in?

The sincere and devoted efforts of Seahawk Media resulted in the immense growth of Sunflag Steel & Iron Co. Ltd. They started getting a much better reach of customers. Their social media pages attracted plenty of people towards them. They now appear on the first page of the search results and now get a huge traffic on their website. Hence, we can consider that they started moving very fast towards the long-term developing vision they had.

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