Seabedee is a trusted provider of high-quality CBD products that are derived from organically grown hemp. Their commitment to quality, transparency, and honesty has made Seabedee’s CBD products some of the most popular & effective products available on the market.


Despite being a popular name in the CBD industry, Seabedee lacked an enhanced online presence. They wanted to showcase their product range through an intuitive online store that can handle a high volume of orders and help in engaging more customers online.


Seahawk Media worked on Seabedee’s website to make an enhanced UX and UI design which helped in better customer engagement and build better brand awareness.

  • We build an e-commerce website to reflect their amazing brand. Our goal was to present their exhaustive product range with a sophisticated website. The website was built on WordPress and we customised a subscription functionality so that their client can receive products automatically on a monthly basis at discounted prices.
  • We invested efforts in creating a better UX and UI design that presents the brand in accordance with their business offering.
  • We also worked on the payment gateway and monthly subscription that helped in better brand awareness contributed to upselling during the checkout process and assisted in increasing order volume for them.


The developed of a stellar and intuitive website with enhanced UI and UX helped in popularizingthe Seabedee brand and increase order volume for them that ultimately contributes to their revenue stream.